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After a hectic last episode, here we have time to slow down a bit and explore the impact of the game changing moment we had last week.

**Will Contain Spoilers** So here are 5 things about Providence:

5. Ward and Garrett

After seeing Ward's true colors at the end of last week's episode, many of us were wondering how his character was going to change and what many fear that he will have a redemption towards the end of the season. However, something that I got from this episode is that he is very much devoted to HYDRA and even more to Garrett, as he said he "owe's him his life" and this will be very interesting, especially next episode when we see him with Skye again trying to get the information out. I do like evil Ward better than good Ward, I think that this was the role the character was cut out to be and him having been so close to everyone (he also described how he got everyone to trust him from jumping off a plane to seducing his biggest threat) will make him a bigger threat than most HYDRA agents. I believe what they will do is that by the end of the season our Agents will kill Garrett and will seal the deal for Ward and he will become our main antagonist going next season not only working for HYDRA but also with a lust for revenge.

4. SHIELD Leftovers

The main question after Capt 2 is what will happen to SHIELD, and this episode is now dealing with the aftermath of the catastrophe that happened. We learn that there are only 4 SHIELD bases secured, but we also learned that Fury had some secret bases; hopefully this will give them an upper hand going forward. What is interesting is that even though this will mostly be a war between SHIELD and HYDRA other players are involved, mainly the US government and how they cannot trust SHIELD after letting HYDRA infiltrate them (but...aren't even high ranking government officials also HYDRA members?), so lack of resources and more than one threat will make the future of Agents of Shield more interesting.Oh also, Garrett is a very loveable villain, can't wait to see more of him.

3. New Dynamic

We lost Ward but we gained Triplett, not only that but also everyone have to fill in their shoes even better than before. Thus we see Skye actually being believable helpful, May still trying to get on Phil's good side; but what I liked the most is the "love triangle" between Simmons, Fitz and Triplett, Simmons/Fitz has been the only "love interest" that I actually cared for and we see here how Fitz is being jealous of Triplett and I think this will blow up in later episodes. Not only this but like I said they are filling in their shoes better than before, they are all stepping it up and working harder and you can see that by how everyone is working together but at the same time focusing on their specialty; granted not the way we expect the team to work, which would be during a mission, but it gives development that the group is working as a whole even when their institution has been destroyed. A.k.a great character development. Also Patton Oswalt was fantastic as agent Koening, he not only was funny but also very serious at moments, his balance was perfect to deliver the news that he told Coulson, wished we could have seen more of him this episode but I guess we will leave that for future ones.

2. Secrets and Heading to the Finale

I already touched on the secret bases that Fury has and I think this will be an important factor to keeping SHIELD alive, but we are four episodes from the end so we are starting to see the last threads that we will explore at the end. I also already talked about what I think will happen with the Garrett/Ward duo by the end of the season, but this episode revealed that Gravitron (or the matter that they were trying to create, but we all know the villain is somewhere in that silvery goo) will be back and I don't see how our agents can take him down, so if they make him be the final villain for the season or something that makes him return more often, a way to handle him and or defeat him will be very very interesting. All of this is pure speculation but hopefully I'm right about one of my theories.

1. Phil Coulson

But as always, it comes down to the man of the hour, agent Phil Coulson. I have to say this might have been the best performance as Coulson that we have seen. Not only from the beginning we have a sense of how destroyed this character is, but we also see how much hope he has and how much he is willing to go to save the world and do something right, even if it involves taking down HYDRA without any help. We see this duality in the character through the whole episode and it all climaxed at possibly the best scene we have seen in agents of shield, when they arrived at providence and he spill his fears, his hopes, his doubts and his soul to everyone; not only giving us a cheering monologue but very heartbreaking at the same time (I did tear up), this was great and everything he did in this episode was rewarded at the end when he was told Fury is alive. All is good for the moment and now next episode we will continue to see this character become even better than before, I said it before and I say it again Coulson is the best thing from Agents of SHIELD and even on the TV show he still is the thread underneath everything for everything Marvel.

Although not heavy on the action, this episode lets us digest what happened from last week and by doing so the character and story development was pretty great, another great episode for the show.


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