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Zach Ward

The direction the Marvel Universe is going within their ever expanding cinematic adaptations, I think it's about time to introduce a huge role player in the infinity saga. Adam Warlock, formerly known as Him, is everywhere in the Marvel Universe. From the Fantastic Four and The Incredible Hulk all the way to Guardian's of the Galaxy and the Avengers. HE'S EVERYWHERE!! Now I understand that the end credits scene in [Thor: The Dark World](movie:206462), there's a cocoon that's "rumored" to be Him himself. But for playing such a huge role in the comics, that the movies are being based on, they haven't even decided to do a name drop or even a fantasy casting. I mean come on, he's the owner of the soul gem for craps sake, which was in Loki's possession in the Avengers movie (his chest-tapping sceptre) so they could at least have given Warlock a nod.

Now, on the other, hand I can see why the powers at MCU would decide to wait because he doesn't really start to come to fruition until after Thanos claims the other 5 infinity gems and tries to blow up the sun. Then all the Warlock/ Thanos antics ensue. So maybe they are waiting until then? Who knows? All I know is I think its about time to put some effort into finding the right place and time to bring him to light. And the right human face to put in his shoes. Im thinking maybe Keanu? Gary Oldman? What do you think?


What should happen with Adam Warlock?


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