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After much speculation about how Studio Universal will preserve Paul Walker's legacy in Fast & Furious 7, we finally have the answer that most of us fans wanted.

Paul's brothers, Caleb and Cody, will plunge themselves into the action sequences and help to complete the unfinished footage that is needed to finally complete [Fast & Furious 7](movie:264263).

The announcement came from the Facebook page of the movie franchise and stated that Fast & Furious is a family affair. The message explained that;

The FAST & FURIOUS saga is about family. The characters are connected by the bond of family, and it is how all of us who have worked together for more than thirteen years feel about each other. It certainly defines how we feel about our fans.

Our family experienced an unthinkable shock in November. We had to take time to grieve Paul, the brother we love and lost, and to figure out if we should move on with our film.

We came together and all felt the only choice was to continue. We believe our fans want that, and we believe Paul would want that too. Paul had already shot his dramatic scenes and most of his action for FAST & FURIOUS 7, and it’s among the strongest work of his career.

We have resumed shooting and now welcome Paul’s brothers, Caleb and Cody, into our FAST family. Caleb and Cody are helping us complete some remaining action for their brother and fill in small gaps left in production. Having them on set has made us all feel that Paul is with us too.

We are just under a year away from the release of FAST & FURIOUS 7, and this film is the most important we’ve ever done together. It will allow the character of Brian O’Conner to live on and let us celebrate Paul in his most defining role.

We wanted to take a moment to speak to our fans directly and thank you for the love and support you always show us as we resume our work.

I'm glad that this post acknowledges that the support and devotion shown by fans of Fast & Furious helped them through the most heart-wrenching and difficult time in the 13 year history of the franchise.

What a result for all of us who have been eagerly waiting in the wings for a final verdict on how the franchise would do Paul Walker's legacy justice.

When it was announced that CGI and unknown body doubles would be used to compete filming, many Walker fans were devastated that plans to include the actor's brothers seemed to have been discarded.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that this is not the case. I hope that by following in their late brother's footsteps Caleb and Cody can find some closure and gain comfort from the loving Fast & Furious family.

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Are you happy with the descision to include Walker's brothers?

(Source: Comic Book Movie via Facebook)

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