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Tino Jochimsen

You might want to grab a bottle of chardonnay before indulging in the trailer for If I Stay.

The supernatural dram stars Chloe Grace Moretz as a gifted teenager who, in the prime of her life, is yanked out of the land of the living and, while unconscious, faced with a dilemma: Should she stay alive, even though her entire family just died in a car accident?

As this synopsis indicates: we’re moving into decidedly tearjerkery territory here. Think The Lovely Bones without the serial killer subplot, think Ghost without the Patrick Swayze (*sob*). Sure, there are several cringe-worthy lines in the trailer ("You can't hide in that rehearsal room forever. It's too late. I see you") but those should pose hardly a problem because

  • a. Moretz is a fantastic actress


  • b. you’ve got that chardonnay.

Now you only have to smuggle it into the theater, when If I Stay is released August 22.

Watch the trailer for If I Stay below:


The trailer for If I Stay made you...


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