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Conor Lui

5 Walkers from the Walking Dead just burst into the office! I have no weapon. No gun, no sword, no cross bow. I’m screwed. My eyes scan the room for some weapons...

WTF should I do and how should I make some sicko kills?

1. Throw a fork from my lunch plate into a zombies eye and bash the others with my desk lamp.

2. Smash their heads with all the computer monitors in the office.

3. Turn the standing fan on and chomp their faces. Then use it as a baseball bat when the propeller is clogged with brains.

4. Run to the toilet, get the air freshner and make a lighter spray can flamethrower.

5. Trust my ninja / wrestling skills: Karate kick and "people's elbow drop" my way out of trouble.

Make your own post + poll and see what gruesome kills you can come up with!

RULE: You can only kill Walkers with what you can see or reach from where you stand.


WTF should I do?!


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