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Now I'm just doing some speculation here and I might be bashed from hardcore comic book fans but whatever. I'm going to lay out one of the biggest theories to ever hit the MCU...Here we go: I think The Red Skull IS Thanos! Yes I said it, but there may be some proof that back this up. Hear me out:

Hugo wants out:

Hugo Weaving, the man that plays Red Skull in Captain America the first Avenger, went out in saying that he had no interest in reprising his role as the Red Skull. (And normally when an actor says they have no interest in a role any longer, they normally mean it, no exceptions). It's safe to say that he wont be returning but whose to say Red Skull wont be in a different form? Which leads to my next point.

Sucked into space can reform things:

As we've seen in the end of the first Captain America film, Red Skull was sucked into outer-space from the power of the tesseract. It does not show him die, so of course he is not dead. But as well all know, space is a whole other dimension and it seems that Red Skull was sucked into a galaxy beyond our solar system. Maybe the combination of the serum and solar defect might have enabled his appearance to alter into Thanos.

He's been a ghost for a while:

He was never hinted to be in any other films. Most of us thought he was going to appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier but that didn't happen. Our only hope to seeing the Red Skull would be if he appeared in [Captain America 3](movie:994409) which is underway for production. IMO, I don't think he'll be in that movie in present form. Yes they'll have flash backs but they might not have him in "todays" world. And if you look at the face structure of Thanos and Red Skull, they don't look TOO different..hmmmm.. they will probably save his return when he returns as Thanos.... And Red Skull did CRAVE power for control and disaster very much like "Thanos" would...

This is just speculation, something that could be possible. Marvel seems to change up their style and sometimes move away from the comics. So maybe Red Skull is Thanos's Origin... What do you think?


Do you think Red Skull could be Thanos?

Death of Captain America:

Rumors say captain america will die in the Avengers 3, what better way for him to get killed from no other than the Red Skull himself! (Thanos)... Think about it..


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