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Bobby TwistedMinded Borges

Make sure you remember your choices to find the results at the end:


If you had any ability, what would it be?


What would you use your powers for?


What kind of person were you in school?


If you had a chance to go to any of these places where would you go?


What's your favorite color?


What was your favorite subject in school?


How much do you weigh?


How tall are you?


What is you favorite Marvel Series thus far?


If the majority of your answers were(The following):

(A's)--> Ironman

You are the center of attention. Even when you don't embrace it, people are attracted to your character.


You are shy most of the time. You try to avoid confrontation but confrontation finds you. And when it does, you blow up unlike anyone else.


You are super-fast and athletic. You are straight forward to the point and you dont mess around.


You are the shy type and don't like to draw too much attention.


Your an anti-hero and only fight for your own inte
Your an anti-hero and only fight for your own inte

You're an anti-hero. You only fight for your own interest for the good or bad. But you are very wise and knowledgeable about a variety of things.

(F's)-->Captain America

Your morals are unique and fight for what's right at all times.


What hero are you?


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