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As we approach the long, summer months until the Season 5 premiere in October, Walking Dead fans (myself included), are flooding the many Walking Dead sites with comments, predictions, speculations and even arguments. As I stated in a previous article, I am not even going to attempt to predict how Season 5 is going to play out. Naturally, I speculate on the outcomes of the various storylines, but Kirkman and his merry band of writers always continue to surprise me.

Their "Things Are Not Always What They Seem" theme makes for very entertaining and compelling viewing. This running theme naturally provokes many questions and speculations, but lets face it....This is what makes the show so much FUN to watch. At least it does for me. The Walking Dead is a perfect example of the type of television show that encourages "Watercooler Discussions" on Monday. If I could say anything to Kirkman and company, it would be, "Keep on doing what you do so well!"

While perusing all the many Walking Dead sites, I have noticed that many fans have similar and sometimes different ways of "feeding" their Walking Dead addiction and I am no different. October seems a long way off, but there are ways fans can ease their "withdrawal pain". I feed my "addiction" by doing this, re-watching episodes on Netflix, and trying to convince family and friends who haven't watched the WATCH the show. My big selling point is when I tell them that if I can get an 84 yr. old, grumpy old man to not only watch, but get HOOKED on The Walking Dead, then I can get anybody to watch. (My Dad's favorite character is Rick, btw).

Speaking of Rick, re-watching episodes always reminded me how much I loved the character, Rick Grimes. Andrew Lincoln's portrayal of him has been nothing short of brilliant, in my opinion. Lincoln does not just "portray" Rick Grimes. He BECOMES Rick Grimes. I always wonder when the Emmy voters will finally recognize his work with a nomination and a win. It would be well deserved.

So, here are my favorite, of what I like to call, "Rick Moments".... "Tip of the Stetson, to ya, Rick. You the Man!"

Season One, Episode 1, "Days Gone By"

Rick arrives at his home to find the front door ajar and the house deserted. Sobbing on the floor, he calls out for Lori and Carl, questioning if any of this is real or if he's dreaming. He heads back outside the house and sits on the steps, then spots a man stumbling down the road and slowly lifts his hand to wave and get his attention. But a young boy creeps up from behind and hits Rick across the face with a shovel. "Carl, I found you", Rick mutters.

Before heading to Atlanta, Rick returns to the park where he found the legless walker. As she futilely tries to attack Rick, he kneels down and says, "I'm sorry this happened to you," before shooting her in the head and putting her out of her misery.

Rick's first encounter with Merle on the rooftop. Rick to Merle....."Things are different now. There's US and the DEAD. We survive this by pulling together, not apart." Merle...."You won't shoot me. You're a cop." Rick...."All I am anymore is a man looking for his wife and son. Anyone who gets in the way of that is gonna lose."

Rick's decision to go back to Atlanta for Merle and to retrieve the left behind weapons, ammunition and the walkie-talkie.

Back in his uniform, Rick prepares to leave with Daryl. Shane questions his decision to risk his life for "a douchebag" like Merle Dixon, who wouldn't give you a glass of water if you were dying of thirst, he scoffs. "We left him like an animal caught in a trap," Rick says, who can't live with what he's done no matter what kind of man Merle is. "That's no way for anything to die, let alone a human being."

Rick's decision to go back for the kidnapped Glen, even though Daryl disagrees...

Daryl argues that the guns are more valuable than Glenn — but Rick insists he owes more than that to him. "What life I have I owe to him," he says, loading his shotgun while he recalls what Glenn did for him when he was stuck inside the tank.

End of Part One. What are your favorite "Rick Moments"? Leave comments and opinions below. Part Two coming soon.

Source: The Walking Dead Wiki


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