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The mutants must survive!

From the first questionable trailer, the trailers for [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) have been getting better and better, and right now, they're seriously kicking ass. I love these - WAY better than the original. And now, the last one has been released!

Watch your beloved mutant-heroes fight off the Sentinel scums! As the X-Men join forces with their younger counterparts for an epic, over the top battle that will change the past to save our future.

This is so intense, guys, give me a second.

Ow, my brain
Ow, my brain

Who's ready for a trailer?

After watching this trailer, I'm so ready for this movie. There's a load of action, dramatic scenes, mutants, Wolverine, Mystique, Ice Man, Beast, Xavier, Magneto, Sentinels and more!!

When I step out from the movie theater I'm going to feel like a complete badass that thinks he's an X-Man. And who is going to mess with that?

That's what I thought..
That's what I thought..

Are you going to see X-Men: Days of Future Past opening night?


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