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To start off I have SO many gripes about the new Spidy films and think that in a perfect world Sony would give the rights back to Marvel, but we don't live in a perfect world do we (hell Three Six Mafia won an Oscar before Leonardo Dicaprio what kind of perfect world would that be?)? ANYWHO as long as Sony seems SO obsessed with building up the villains in place of character development in their main characters (which I believe was the main complaint in Spidy 3 and why they rebooted the series in the first place) I may as well state my opinion on who should and shouldn't be cast in these roles. Firstly I should thank Grace Randolph for the idea for this (said video of hers is here and while she does have some good points I'd still prefer the villains not to be deaged and to remain their own age with the exception of Harry Osbourne whose age obviously makes sense. So here goes:

Daniel Day Lewis as Kraven The Hunter/Sergei Kravenoff: Firstly we come to who I feel is the most dramatic character on this list given his role in Kraven's Last Hunt and the amount of pride he takes in his work. As such I feel that no actor is more dramatic nor takes more pride in their work then Daniel Day Lewis. This is a dream list of course cause there's no way Day Lewis would ever do a super hero film but imagine how amazing that would be? All I could think of while reading Kraven's Last Hunt is how amazing Day Lewis would be as Kraven and his ability to completely flesh out his villainous characters and put humanity in the worst of them like Bill The Butcher from Gangs of New York and his ability to play one of the most despicable humans ever in fiction Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood. He's great at playing so many characters with strong ambition to get what they want and imagine him using Plainview's obsessive ambition to become the most powerful oil man but using that to instead play an emasculated Russian trying to find meaning in his life. Plus he looks a lot like him.

Sacha Barren Coehn as The Chameleon/Dmitri Anatoly Nikolayevich: As I said I consider Kraven the most dramatic character in Spiderman's rogues gallery however I feel The Chameleon is the most theatrical and who better to play the man of a thousand faces then the actor who seemingly already has a million faces from Ali G, Borat, Bruno and so many more Sasha seems to disappear completely in whatever role or character he plays completely changing himself into whoever he's playing to the point you're convinced they're a real person hence why I think that he would be an amazing Chameleon.

Mads Mikklesen as Doctor Octopus: I think that this would be an exceptional choice for multiple reasons. Firstly I've always seen Doc Ock as a sort of European villain and I feel that Mikklesen is next to Christoph Waltz as the most well known heavily European actor and while I do love Waltz I don't think he has anywhere near the dramatic range that Mikklesen has. The fact that Mikklesen can go from in my mind the most terrifying portrayal of Hannibal Lecter ever in Hannibal to a normal sympathetic guy being falsely accused of sexual abuse in The Hunt is astonishing and I feel would lend perfectly to the moralistic struggle Doctor Octopus goes through daily as a sympathetic villain.

Pat Healy or Walton Goggins as Cletus Cassidy/Carnage: I feel that both of these actors are really amazing and have the aptitude to play a shmorgishborg of roles however while I feel not only does Pat Healy look like Cletus Cassidy that he could pull off a Heath Ledger style casting decision of surprising everyone with the cast especially due to the fact that despite having been acting for a while he's only just now come into the spotlight with The Innkeepers and Cheap Thrills and has never played a villain which I think Carnage would be great for him to play. Of course though it's Walton Goggins OF COURSE! Walton Goggins seems to be king of the villains these days and while Carnage isn't the most known or even most powerful villain in Spidy's rogues gallery he's arguably the most terrifying and I feel that Walton could easily pull that off. Walton Goggins has played many different types of villains but the only villain I feel he's played to the Joker level of evil was in Django Unchained said character seemed more like a cartoon and didn't survive that long. HOWEVER I feel that his character Shane Vendrell did some EXTREMELY heinous things that he got away with for so long including: pissing on a suspect, locking a woman in a room and threatening to rape her and more. His character of Boyd Crowder I also feel while more of an intellectual mastermind like someone like Lex Luthor I feel has the manic energy needed to play someone like Carnage especially in season one when he has his church. I feel I've gone on long enough about this one though.

John Goodman as Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin: I don't know if Goodman's ever played a villain but I find that he's an exceptional actor and has the gravitas to play a character that's so big in more ways then one. Although I feel that this was an obvious casting choice next to James Gandofini as big white guys who could play The Kingpin

John Hurt or Malcolm McDowell as The Jackal: I feel that Malcolm McDowell is an incredibly under rated actor stuck in the realm most under rated actors seem to be in: straight to DVD hell. I feel that this role could push him back to the spotlight where he belongs and I think The Jackal would be a great mystery villain to bring the Sinister Six together in the wake of Gwen Stacy's death if they do that to kill Spiderman. Obviously McDowell in his old age isn't that intimidating physically but he could be a Moriarty type master manipulator and seeming friend to Parker with him never knowing that he was plotting his own demise. Also I feel that John Hurt is exceptional at playing mastermind type characters such as his role in Doctor Who and V For Vendetta and I think he would also be another great Jackal.

Sandman: I think they pretty much did an amazing job with Sandman in Spiderman 3 and really gave him one of the few really fleshed out fully developed story arcs in that film and honestly liked Grace's choice of Josh Brolin. Nuff said.

Michael Keaton as Mysterio: I think Michael Keaton would be an awesome Mysterio given that the best thing about Mysterio is that he's a paradox; he's a deceptive manipulator who strikes from the shadows and yet he's a total showman wanting the spotlight and who's better at that then the man who played the dark and mysterious Batman AND the high energy showman Beetlejuice Michael Keaton.

Pete Postlethwaite as The Vulture: I know he's dead but COME ON how awesome would that casting have been? RIP Pete

Billy Bob Thorton as The Scorpion: Billy Bob seems great at playing characters who tend to be mostly concerned about himself but also with a slight of mystery like his characters in Bad Santa and the new Fargo show and I think both would be great for Mac Gargan a man out for himself to get paid but not fully being aware of what he's getting himself into. Billy Bob also has great freak out and "just not giving a damn" moments which are characteristics I think would greatly lend themselves to Gargan.

....and that's all I have to say about that.

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