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After MONTHS of waiting, an exclusive trailer for Eli Roth's [The Green Inferno](movie:400207) has just been released - dropped via Eli Roth's twitter account - and it's amazingly atmospheric, and chilling. With a 1 minute run-time, we don't see much, but what we DO see is a nice hint at one of my favorite horror devices (and one of Roth's as well) - tourists/travellers being tormented by things that are beyond their control - in this case, a tribe of cannibalistic forest-dwellers who don't care that their next meal is from New York and has a family to get back to. Delicious.

The movie was co-written, produced, and directed by Roth, who debuted the movie at last year's Toronto International Film Festival. A sequel is rumored to have already been commissioned, so it's safe to say that this homage to Cannibal Holocaust is going to make a guaranteed impact upon release.

[The Green Inferno](movie:400207) will be on theatre menus as of September 5th, 2014 - If the hype surrounding the film is any indication of the level of gore and boundaries about to be pushed, maybe don't eat before you go.

(Source: Twitter and Moviefone)


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