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Are the rumours true? Has the identity of a kaiju been revealed?

POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT -- If you want to keep the monsters appearing in the latest Godzilla movie a surprise then stop reading.

I wrote an article a while back asking what the monster spotted in the Godzilla international trailer could be. There have been a number of hints and whispers circling around the internet about which (if any) creature could be making an appearance in the blockbuster to square off against its titular character, but it would appear that those rumours could laid to rest.

Take a look at the picture below:

Godzilla battling, urgh... what is that?
Godzilla battling, urgh... what is that?

On the right you'll see the allusive behemoth in question battling Godzilla in a city. The couple appear to be wreaking up the place but what is that mystery monster? Here's a closer look at the creature:

Dubbed Muto or 'Hokmuto', this eight-limbed being is said to be genetically engineered by humans, specifically by M.U.T.O Research (a viral marketing campaign launched recently ties into this).

It is believed that at least two Muto will appear in the movie; one winged and one non-winged. The latter is said to have 'giant hands with "fingers" separated by a considerable length' whereas the winged Muto appear to have 'a single red claw, as well as long gliding wings'. Each iteration has a slightly altered body shape but both have red eyes and two hind legs attached to a black and red body.

An official name has yet to be confirmed, as has their presence in the upcoming Godzilla movie but with evidence like this it's pretty conclusive that we'll be seeing these beasties when the film lands on May 14th (May 16 in the US).

Could we still be seeing a classic monster making an appearance? Rodan? Mothra? It's starting to look increasingly unlikely but let me know what you think in the comments below.

For more pictures head to the source at SciFi Japan.

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