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The other day, I went to the cinemas and saw [Divergent](movie:593270). As I am a huge fans of the books, I couldn't wait for the movie to hit the big screens so I could watch the words I have fallen in love with take over the world. I think it is safe to say I loved the movie and am desperate to see it again.

For me, my favourite part of the whole movie was the cast. It was done so well in comparison to the book and I thought they couldn't have chosen anyone better. Shailene Woodley starred as Tris Prior and I think that she was a perfect choice. Theo James (Four), Ansel Elgort (Caleb Prior) and Miles Teller (Peter) all starred in male leads in the film and I think they portrayed their characters perfectly.

The loyalty to the book was pretty on par for a book to movie transition. It wasn't as full on as the book is but still had a certain charm that the book contained. The movie had quotes from the book and didn't create entirely new scenes. Fans of the book trilogy by Veronica Roth will not be disappointed by the movie. However, this movie isn't just a hit amongst the book fans, it is a hit amongst everyone.

The movie hit the box office hard making multi millions the day it came out in America. Lions gate has already confirmed three more movies in the trilogy, Insurgent in 2015 and Allegiant part one and two in 2016 and 2017. Reviews have been very positive about the movie so I would definitely suggest going to watch it, whether you have read the book or not.


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