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Now before I start this pseudo-rant, let me first say, no one likes a good sequel better than I. Being able to go and live another adventure with some of my favorites is freaking awesome. But at what point do we say 'ok, too much time has passed, leave it alone'? I'm sure some of these are still rumored, they're just examples :-P

Beverly Hills Cop 4
Beverly Hills Cop 4

Now, the first installment in this series was awesome, it was funny, it was action packed. The 2nd installment was cool, the third one lacked the grit of the first 2, it seemed a little "tame"? But after 20 years, should there be a sequel? First he went to Cali to find out who killed his buddy, the 2nd time was to help a friend he made in the first one, the third time was because someone shot his boss. What are they really going to do in this one, somehow, i don't think it's going to be too original, maybe they'll send him because someone shot a relative?

Bill and Ted 3
Bill and Ted 3

Now as fun as this totally awesome sequel could be with 2 of our favorite time jumping bodacious dudes, I'm not sure this one should get a sequel. A reboot? maybe. Though Keanu doesn't seem to age, and Alex is only 2 years younger than Keanu, It's bogus to think they could pull off the Righteous Surfer Dudes they once were, as the most recent movie was made in 1991 making it 23 years later.

Now here's a movie that is older than me. 32 years ago (1982), this movie made its mark on the cinematic community and is now considered a cult classic. I have no doubts that Harrison Ford could pull it off and make it work, but the problem still remains that it's 32 years later. Originality shouldn't be a problem with this one, as it was the only one made, but honestly, because it's so much later and the special effects have changed so very much since it was made, it would have the same problem, i feel, as Star Wars Episodes 1-3. The first 3 were ahead of it's time but the 2nd 3 had so much more advanced special effects it didn't feel right.

Though I could see them being able to make a second one, not sure it should get a sequel, especially if they're not able to sign the original cast, including Will Smith. Though in the first one Bill Pullman states "They're moving from planet to planet...their whole civilization. After they've consumed every natural resource they move on." We're led to believe that we're fighting their whole civilization, but as it is never really proven, ok, that ship may have just been a scout ship. Rumor has it, it's going to take place 20 years after the first one, and it's going to be a futuristic society that has learned from the technology of the aliens. But really, 18 years after the 1st one was made? And there's a strong possibility you may not be able to sign the whole original cast? I say leave it as it is, an awesome classic that will not be able to be topped.

Don't get me wrong, Mrs. Doubtfire still gets me to laughing even after 21 years. But everyone now knows Daniel Hillard is Mrs. Doubtfire, so what could they really do in this one to keep is lighthearted and as funny as the first? Though i feel Robin Williams is one of the best comedic actor ever to hit the big screen, how would they really pull this off? Possibly a Big Mamma type thing, where his son has to dress as a woman? Or would they do something horrible, like try to make him undercover? Leave this one alone, it's still hilarious after 2 decades.

These are just a few examples, and Lets face it, were they to be people, 3 of these movies could drink alcohol legally and the other 2 could vote. the list does go on with lots of rumored sequels possible. Though there are a few sequels i would like to see get made, possibly to pass the torch or simply tie it up with a pretty bow, so the younger generations can enjoy the adventures with characters their parents love, i.e. Ghostbusters 3, Indiana Jones 5 (mainly to make up for the travesty that was the 4th installment), Three men and a Bride just to name a few. Please let me know in the comments below, do you want the movies you grew up watching to possibly be trampled on? or would you like to see a sequel to some of your childhood favorites?


Would you like to see sequels to classic favorites?


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