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Hayden Panettiere's cheerleader character, Claire, was central to the storyline of the original Heroes television show. However, it seems she hasn't been invited back for the upcoming NBC reboot, Heroes Reborn.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Panettiere revealed that she didn't even know NBC planned to reboot the series. She explained:

Well, it was a shock to me, and, in fact, I believe I became privy to that through my cousin. She sent me a text message and told me about it, and, I mean, we had nothing, nothing to do with it; it will definitely be something to see how they reinvent that.

From the looks of things, the reboot will be a completely new affair, with new characters and actors. Although it has to be noted Panettiere isn't entirely certain in this respect. She continued:

I think it’s a whole new set of characters. Who knows? It’s a little bit of an interesting feeling because you go, ‘That was our show, our home, our family,’ something that we had a major part in creating as well, and, I mean, I hope that they don’t have somebody else playing our characters, that would be a little dagger in the heart. But, you never know. I wish them success in it, for sure.

Heroes Reborn is expected to air on NBC in 2015. Prior to its release on television, it will be preceded by a lead-in digital series on

What do you think? Are you glad to see Heroes rebooted, or is this just flogging an already dead horse? Let us know below.


Are you glad to see Heroes rebooted?


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