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With just one month to go before Bryan Singer sees the release of his X-Men Days of Future Past- seen by many as a potential return to form for the BAFTA nominee- allegations have arisen connecting him to the abuse of a teenage boy. As ComicbookMovie reports:

plaintiff Michael Egan, accuses Singer of forcibly sodomizing him when he was 17-years-old. Allegedly, the abuse began in 1999. Egan claims that Singer supplied him with drugs and alcohol and would fly him out to Hawaii for their sexual encounters. The suit also claims, Egan was not the only underage boy that Singer took advantage of.

The lawsuit was filed yesterday in Hawaii and you can check out more of the case files over at The Wrap.

Well... how about that. The timing is certainly interesting at least? We won't wade too deep into this one just yet though.

Any thoughts? Will it change anything about next month's release, or Apocalypse after that? Does it change anything for you on a personal level? Comments below. Go wild.

X-Men Days of Future Past opens 23rd May


Does it change anything for you?


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