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Ian Somerhalder has been expressing heartfelt admiration for a certain lucky lady on Twitter, and it seems that they share a lot of common interests.

Who is the lucky woman in question? She is the appropriately named Ocean Ramsey. The gorgeous blond spends her time trying to protect life in the oceans and free diving (diving with no scuba equipment) among some impressive (and terrifying!) marine life.

[The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) actor Tweeted his appreciation of Ramsey with a link to the RYOT report about the marine conservationist and even asked if she was married;

According to the RYOT link that Somerhalder shared with his 4.85 million Twitter followers, Ocean Ramsey runs her own organization named Water Inspired. Her goals are to educate the general public about ocean ecology and sharks.

Ramsey certainly puts her money where her mouth is too. Check out the video below of her swimming with an absolutely enormous great white shark:

Ramsey must be really confident about her knowledge of sharks and their behaviour to get so close to one of the most powerful predators in the sea.

Whereas I am sure this was all in semi-jest, Ramsey and Somerhalder sure do share a lot of passions, and it would be absolutely adorable if the pair did meet and hit it off.

I can totally imagine Somerhalder with a fellow activist who is as dedicated as he is to protecting the world's creatures and tending to the environment.

What do you guys think about Somerhalder's latest outpouring of love?


Who can you see Somerhalder with in the future?

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