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This probably won't come as a surprise to most of you, but it turns out Firefly star Nathan Fillion is a rather massive geek. I suppose appearing in anything created by Joss Whedan kind of automatically makes you a geek, but Fillion has taken it quite a bit further.

He recently headed onto Conan to discuss just how nerdy his life has become. After revealing to the world that he owns five expensive recreations of Star Wars lightsabers, he explained his love of Comic-Con:

Here’s what I love about Comic-Con, the anticipation all year, and then everybody’s just ready and then it’s like a weekend long orgasm. There’s a real feeling of community and everybody’s super-duper excited.

He also suggested Conan should dress up for his appearance at Comic-Con 2014. Luckily, Conan had thought ahead and had already snapped this shot of himself as Thor.

Nathan Fillion's responce?:

You actually look like a little kid holding a regular size hammer.

A pretty spot on observation, I'm sure you'd agree.

Many Firefly fans are of course still clamoring for more episodes of the sci-fi Western. At the moment, the Serenity does appear to be permanently out of commission, but with new online streaming services putting up the cash to renew shows, it doesn't have to stay that way.

What do you think? Is it still possible to resurrect Firefly, or has it simply been too long? Let us know below.


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