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Will Farrel and John C Reilly have been on-screen buddies on a number of occasions, most notably Talladega Nights and Step Brothers in 2006 and 2008 respectfully. Adam McKay wrote and directed both of those films and now these three amigos are getting back together for an upcoming project called Border Guards. It might be more of the same if it weren't for the fact that this time McKay has decided to hand the pen over to Oscar nominee Jesse Armstrong.

Armstrong made his name on TV, writing the dry witty dialogue for BBC's The Thick of It and Peep Show for Channel 4 before moving up to the big screen with Chris Morris' terrorism satire Four Lions and his above mentioned Oscar nomination for the excellent In the Loop. The writer's long-time collaborator Armando Iannucci made the state-side jump already, with his highly acclaimed Veep, so we'll be expecting similar topical leanings when this thing eventually does come out.

Gandalfini vs. Capaldi in In the Loop
Gandalfini vs. Capaldi in In the Loop

Reilly and Farrell have shown us time and time again just how good they can be when a clever script comes their way, so to say we're all excited about this prospect would be a gross understatement.

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More on Border Guards as we get it.

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