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V.C. Andrews' 2010 vampire novel Daughter of Darkness is about to make it's way to our small screens!

The popular vampire novel from New York Times Bestselling Author Andrews (Flowers in the Attic) follows 17-year-old Lorelei Patio, the adopted daughter of a two-hundred-year-old vampire, Sergio Patio.

Here's the official synopsis for Andrews' book:

One night, with the sound of a young man’s scream, high school senior Lorelei discovers that her stern but loving father, who adopted Lorelei and her sisters as infants, is no ordinary man. He has raised his beautiful girls for one purpose: to lure young men into their world of shadows. Like her sisters, Lorelei has been trained in the art of seduction and warned never to fall in love. But when she meets a handsome and charming classmate, she boldly defies her family and follows her heart—even if love is a poison.

I'm not sure why Andrews' Daughter of Darkness has collected such frothing disgust, but it might have something to do with the incestuous overtones. It's big-time creepy - imagine Dracula meets Sister Wives - and is guaranteed to make you feel outright uncomfortable the whole way though.

That said, I wonder how a TV adaptation would work... Is the subject material too dark for the YA crowd it would probably hope to attract?Perhaps we'll spend the entirety of the show being torn between being 100% creeped out and not being able to turn it off. Either way, if you're into vampire drama, this is definitely one adaptation to keep an eye on! More details when we get them!

Have you already read Daughter of Darkness, and can you imagine it as a TV show? Hit me up in the comments section below!


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