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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is only a couple of weeks away. And, seeing as it is Easter, it seems appropriate to go through everything we know about the movie, pull out all the Easter Eggs, and throw in a little speculation for good measure.

So, to get started, take a look at the final trailer for the movie. There is quite a bit in there - so pay attention:

1. The Sinister Six

First off - and it is the most obvious Easter Egg in the trailer. The mysterious figure (we'll come back to him) at 1.09 is walking down a corridor bathed in green light. And what is behind him? Vulture's wings and Doc Ock's arms. This, of course, points to the Sinister Six. But who else is waiting in the holding tank of potential bad guys?

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2. Venom

This one isn't included in the trailer - but a leaked featurette showed a slightly extended shot of that same man walking past those holding containers. And in the one after the vulture's wings? Well, it looks like it could well be a box of black symbiote.

But if that isn't enough, a zoomed in screen grab has provided us with this:

Did you see it? On the second row, three boxes from the top it says Venom Storage 7-U. Pretty convincing now, eh?

3. Morbius

Again this is taken from the above screen grab. In the middle of the middle row there is a box labelled Dr. Morbius File. And who is Morbius? A Nobel-prize winning biochemist who attempted to cure himself of a rare blood disease by experimenting with vampire bats and electric shock therapy.

And, as is the way with super-villains, it didn't work. He gave himself pseudo-vampirism, gained some abilities, but also an insatiable appetite for blood.

Might Morbius be the man in the hat, and also the man who featured in the post-credits scene in The Amazing Spider-Man? Well, possibly. But Morbius is not normally featured in the Sinister Six. So the more likely explination for him is:

4. The Gentleman

The Gentleman has no superpowers, but he is very wealthy. He is a master of manipulation, and it is he that forms the original Sinister Six as a way of creating the atmosphere of chaos and terror from which he can profit. The Gentleman, most likely, is the man in the hat.

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5. Black Cat

We all knew that Felicity Jones would be starring in this movie as Felicia Hardy aka The Black Cat. What we didn't know was this movie would have a sort of origin story for her, where she dates Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) and is presumably one of the first to see him as Green Goblin. This one comes from a trailer too, but it a blink-you'll-miss-it moment. Luckily, there are screenshots.

So this movie is doing a lot of work. If all of this is right, and it probably is, then the amount of villains set up in this movie is pretty staggering: Electro, Rhino, Vulture, Doc Ock, Venom, Green Goblin, Black Cat, Morbius and The Gentleman. I even feel like I'm missing someone.

Anyway, given that Spider-Man 3 was criticised for over-doing it with the bad guys, do you think The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will suffer the same fate? Or is there a difference between setting up potential story lines, and cramming too many into one movie? Write in below with your thoughts and reactions!


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