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Wondering what X-Men: Days of Future Past has in store for us? Well, wonder no more - we're taking a look at the film's brand new trailer, and it's packed full of clues, Easter eggs and, best of all, Pong.

Check it out below, and then read on for a - very slightly SPOILER-y - breakdown of all the stuff you might have missed.

First up:

Professor X is walking around an awful lot for a man who's normally in a wheelchair:

Pictured: only one wheelchair user.
Pictured: only one wheelchair user.

We've already seen a few brief glimpses of James McAvoy's Professor X in previous trailers in which he seemed surprisingly vertical for a man who was paralyzed at the end of X-Men: First Class, but never quite so many as we get here. McAvoy clearly spends the majority of his screen time on his feet, and not - as much of the early press suggested - in the traditional wheelchair. Since there are also shots of the wheelchair, should we assume he regains the use of his legs early on?

Hostess are back in the Marvel Universe with a bang:

Fans of comics from the 60's and 70's will doubtless remember the classic, old school advertising that was stuffed throughout, and especially on the back cover. Hostess, in particular, were masters of utilising superheroes to help them sell their products. Spider-Man, for instance, was forever using cup cakes to foil villain's evil schemes.

It's not exactly the Got Milk campaign.
It's not exactly the Got Milk campaign.

And now, Hostess are back and...their advertising department is going to have to rethink its long term planning a little, it seems.

You have to feel for Mountain Dew, too.
You have to feel for Mountain Dew, too.

Pong was seriously cool back in the day:

We get a much better look at new mutant Quicksilver (Evan Peters - not to be confused with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, set to play the same character in the Avengers series) than ever before - and he is clearly a big fan of Pong. The game was more-or-less brand new in the film's 1973 setting, and is as effective a way of establishing the era as the Nixon poster on the wall of the same room.

Pong - like GTA but really not.
Pong - like GTA but really not.

Speaking of Nixon - that poster might just be a clue:

Quicksilver has a mixed history in the Marvel Universe. He started off as a villain, and despite years of later heroism, never quite shook off the persona of being - in Professor X's words - "a pain in the arse".

Here's where the potential spoilers come in.

In the comics, Pietro 'Quicksilver' Maximoff is the son of Magneto, and has something of a habit of periodically betraying people - or seeming to do so.

Is the Nixon poster (complete with Pinocchio nose) directly above him a neat piece of foreshadowing - a sign that he, much like the former President and the puppet, is going to be lying at some point?

Don't trust him - he's a politician.
Don't trust him - he's a politician.

Bonus points if you can spot the scene with a Trojan horse in it.

Speaking of Quicksilver - how about that doormat?

Not actually telling us anything much at all, but a cute side-gag - get a load of Quicksilver's doormat: A nice touch for a speedster.

Either that, or Beast stepped in something.
Either that, or Beast stepped in something.

What about Bishop, though?

Y'know, this guy:

With the best hair in the movie.
With the best hair in the movie.

Played by Omar Sy, Bishop is another brand new mutant to the X-Franchise. He's also probably the comic line's most famous time traveller - but notably one who didn't feature in the original Days of Future Past storyline.

Again, with the spoiler alert.

When he was introduced in 1991 as part of an alternative apocalyptic future, Bishop ended up coming back to the present day, in order to do - well, a series of really over-complicated things, but essentially to protect Professor X from a traitor within the X-Men. Which doesn't go so well. He then ends up becoming a villain at some point.

So one of two things are probably going to happen: Either he's going to die first - we all remember Darwin from X-Men: First Class - or he's going to be someone pretty important.

Especially considering who is fighting alongside him - Meet Blink:

Blink and you'll miss her...teleporting away.
Blink and you'll miss her...teleporting away.

Bonus comic plotline time - Bishop is also incredibly important in The Age of Apocalypse. Which, as it happens, is going to have quite a bit to do with the also upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. As does a certain Clarice 'Blink' Ferguson, played by Fan Bingbing in the film.

If there is a direct connection between Days of Future Past and Apocalypse, then odds are, they'll be it.

And finally, a word or two on Havok, and his brother:

Never fear, Lucas Till fans - Havok returns from X-Men: First Class. Hopefully for more than one scene. Something, though, has changed.

And not just the hair.
And not just the hair.

There's something strangely familiar about that energy blast.

Something almost...James Marsden like.

Which, seeing as Havok and Cyclops are brothers in the comics, isn't really all that surprising.

One of the recurring rumors going around the web, though, has been that James Marsden's Cyclops will return from the dead at some point - his having left to make Superman Returns with (now returning) director Bryan Singer being what caused him to get killed off from the franchise in the first place.

So it's possible - just possible - that the change in energy blasts is itself another very subtle piece of foreshadowing.

That, or someone just liked the color.

What do you guys think? What's your favorite part of the trailer? Let me know below!


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