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I don’t know about you guys but I am really excited for [Heroes: Reborn](series:926825).

For those of you that have been hiding under a rock or just have no connection to the out side world probably don’t know what Heroes is. I feel kind of bad for you. But for the people that know what Heroes is, I applaud you all. But what I am here for is people that have watched Heroes.

I just got done reading a article by a fellow contributor and one of the comments on the article read that they just won’t even bother with the show and they hope that it will just die off. First of all there are a lot more people out there that like a show then those who despise the show. So the producers of the show are going to listen to the people that like it more. It’s obvious.

So for the people that hate the show I may get where your coming from. Like you i have watched the whole show and I was really pissed at the ending. The show was on there last leg and they weren't doing good in the ratings. The show fell flat towards the end. But what show doesn’t? So instead of whining and complaining about a show how about just don't watch the damn thing? Block that part out of your mind and just ignore it. So the moral of the story is. If you like Heroes… watch it. If you despise Heroes and want it to burn then just don't bother with it.

Thanks for reading.

If you guys don't like what i posted feel free to comment down below and I would love to talk to you. Especially the haters.




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