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For those of you that have not seen [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973), I would highly recommend you do. It changes the pace of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and sets a new standard for the solo Marvel films. Also, proceed no further: THE WINTER SOLDIER SPOILERS BELOW.

For anyone that did see the Winter Soldier, just a quick thought I had while watching. Consider the ending of the film. We have Alexander Pierce holding the World Security Council hostage when boom! Out of nowhere, Black Widow turns the tables and now she and Fury are in control. But what happens immediately afterward? Natasha logs into Pierce’s computer and begins sharing ALL Hydra’s Secrets, but as Pierce points out, “And SHIELD’s.”

"What did I say?"
"What did I say?"

Now this is fine, if in fact all the secrets of SHIELD were fabricated by Hydra to keep them off the scent of what is really going on in the world, but that would mean that everyone within SHIELD is Hydra, which we know is not true (All the Staff that still offer allegiance to Cap). This also means that if there are true agents of SHIELD, then there will be more undercover in other parts of the world. Good agents whose lives depend upon complete secrecy regarding their identities as SHIELD agents.

So when Natasha releases all of SHIELD’s secrets, the ramifications of that decision go far beyond evaporating all the lies Hydra might have created, to the point where hundreds if not thousands of real, legitimate, good agents who work for SHIELD are going to lose their lives.

But the government won’t do anything or arrest her because they need her. Yes. They need you, now that every one of our other agents is dead.

Kind of messed up when you think about it…

"I'm not sorry..."
"I'm not sorry..."

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