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Everyone knows how crude Embarrassing bodies is said to be, but what with me recently sitting through a whole episode of One Born Every Minute without having to hide behind the cushion, I felt I was ready to tackle this beast of a program when it returned yesterday for a new series.

For those who haven’t seen it(you’re lucky) basically ordinary members of the public sit on their sofa at home and get to speak to ‘the nation’s favorite doctors’ (if there is such a thing) via webcam and ask for their advice. The webcam feature, perhaps giving us a glimpse into the future, makes the show unique to anything I've ever seen before. Image Except the sort of problems aren't the normal cough and colds you would ordinarily find in at the doctors.

First up was Leon who had the most disgusting open would on his leg about the size of your whole hand. The wound has been there for 9 years and he looked as cool as a cucumber. If I woke up one day to find that on my leg, I’d rush to the nearest A&E never-mind waiting for 9 years to show it to someone on webcam. Anyway, if he hoped it was going to get it sorted, he was out of luck, the only advise the experts could find was to ‘seek specialist care’. Poor Leon is now going to get funny looks on the street and has put himself through public humiliation just to be given a 2 minute slot on TV and to be given less information that you would get visiting a real GP!

Lily, one of the other presenters, had been travelling around Cardiff all day, encouraging people to come into her van to seek help. I’m not being funny but why would you stop your shopping spree to get into a van with a stranger who wants you to tell her your embarrassing medical history whilst she films it all for a TV show? But that’s exactly what one girl did and decided to admit to the nation that she had bladder issues! After taking a look, you’ll never guess what Lily advised….(you got it) ‘seek expert medical help’.

I turned off after that, whatever next- cameras installed in doctors surgerys for us to watch on a live-stream? Now I’m all for laughing at people embarrass themselves when they enter talent shows, but surely this is taking it too far? Who's with me? @TVmattersblog


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