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There was certainly one question left unanswered following the Season 4 Finale of [The Walking Dead](series:201193):

What happened to Beth?

Missing since Episode 13, Alone, Kinney recently confirmed she will indeed return for Season 5 and encourages fans to make their own theories as they wait for the answer to be revealed.

"Beth is somewhere, but we don't know where, and you won't find out for quite a few months I guess," she said in a recent interview with SN TV.
People are just going to have to come up with their own conclusions, their own ideas.”

In a recent interview with NYLON, Emily talks her music and how The Walking Dead has changed her life.

In what ways has your life changed since you started The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead has changed my life, at first little by little, and now I look back and realize the impact has been huge. I've never worked on a show for so long. I'm so emotionally attached. Many of the actors and crew and producers and writers have become like family. I've become a better actor because I'm working with amazing actors and directors, etc. and they are the best example. Having an audience is the best gift that you can give to an actor, or any artist. The Walking Dead has an audience of millions. It is extremely satisfying. Many actors, songwriters, etc. work away on things in their room or their apartment that may never be seen or received. (NYLON)

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What happened to Beth?


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