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The picture might be misleading in terms of "Animated Movies" since Young is a show, but you get the picture. DC, one thing is for certain... your animated department is great, something that you can truly brag about. So why not bring some of that greatness to the DCCU. I have some major reasons why the elements of the DCAU can be in the DCCU.

Batman vs Superman

This movie was a movie that I believe was destined to springboard into the Justice League. Batman and Superman are two of the founding member of the League. I said myself before Justice League, World's Finest should be in the picture. Does anyone remember this...

WB should take notes from this and every other Batman/Superman movie. I think they definitely need to include certain scenes from this movie that will give fans nostalgia. These movies were great not because of the crossovers themselves, but the developing friendship Batman and Superman had. This went well into the DC animated universe (Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.) That's what we need to see!

Let's get to my next point.

Bruce Timm

I can't stress this enough, this guy should be involved in the DC cinematic and he should have been from the start. He had a big part in making the longest running DC animated universe (1992-2006.) If I'm correct, he still works at Warner Bros, he worked with Zack Synder for the anniversary of Superman, and worked on the Batman anniversary as well... So why not utilized Timm? Hell, put him in a movie! I think with experience, he can be one of the factors that makes the DCCU great!

Animation to Live-Action

Ok, thing of every movie the DC made animated, try to start from there like a prototype. They can make animated movies first (that can be heavily influenced by the elements of the comics) and then use it as a base for a live-action movie. This brings me to my next point...

Rogues Gallery Integration

What made some of these shows and movies good was the interaction between villains from other rogues galleries (Batman, Superman, Teen Titans you name it!) The dynamic that Lex Luthor and Roy Harper (Green Arrow's partner) had in Young Justice was awesome. I want to definitely see villains from other rogue galleries to fight have some turmoil with the heroes.


I can't stress this point enough either! What made some of these shows and movie great was the creativity applied to them. I can go on and on about how these animated universes were amazing. I think using the Doctor Fate angle from Young Justice would be valuable because the helmet was being using by used well. Another good angle to use is Vandal Savage and The Light (A better version of the Legion of Doom in my opinion. From the fight between Superman and Captain Marvel, the relationship between Hawkgirl and Green Lantern, the Roy Harper clones (Red Arrow and Guardian,) the Cadmus experiments, to how Beast Boy came about. The possibilities are endless! If you Warner Bros wants to really make these movies... then read the comics and watch the shows and movies.

What do you guys think, should they use the angles from the animated universe? Leave a comment below and if you really like share!


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