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10. Sheldon Cooper

From: Big Bang Theory

Why: Well I just put him on this because everyone likes him. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate him, I would just be as annoyed at him as Leonard is with Sheldon. Granted he did create awesome expanding foam that would be perfect for a heroic gadget. He also speaks Klingon and has an eidetic memory which I respect.


9. Sheldon Plankton

From: Spongebob Squarepants

Why: I mean come on, he could build crazy machines, and was evil! Yet he only tried to take over the world a couple of times. And instead, for more than a decade, has attempted to steal the formula to an ever changing cheap restaurant.


8. Dr. Evil

From: Austin Powers

Why: He is so dorky and ignorant, and arrogant. He has a clone that is adorable and atrocious at the same time. He invented time travel, had a base in a volcano, and had a base on the moon.


7. Doctor Emmett Brown

From: Back to the Future

Why: He also invented time travel... in the form of an awesome car, hover car, and an old west train. He had an awesome dog and was just awesome all together.


6. Pavel Chekov

From: Star Trek (2009)

Why: Well I'm sure the one from TOS was awesome too, but it has been a while since I watched that. This one was 17. He could fly a starship. He could operate a starship engine. He could beam someone up, while falling very fast, even though what looked like a trained 30 year old red shirt couldn't. Do I need to continue?


5. Professor Farnsworth

From: Futurama

Why: He invented basically every plot device of Sci-Fi stories. He has a tendency to pick delivery jobs that could kill his crew. He is just pretty awesome.


4. Q or Q or Q

From: Star Trek TNG or James Bond or Skyfall

Why: Well Q wasn't a genius, he was a ominous being part of a species of ominous beings all sharing the same name. Since I am talking about a person named Q, I thought I might as well mention someone who shares the name and the awesomeness. Q created 007's jet pack, bomb pen, and awesome car, and was just a cool gadget-maker. Q created 007's finger print trigger gun which was not the best reintroduction to the reboot/prequel/sequel trilogy, but it was cool that he was young and the one gadget he did make was pretty cool.


3. Malcolm Wilkerson/Noname

From: Malcolm in the Middle

Why: He is connectable as a character, being the only sane person in the family. We get to see him grow and change over the course of several seasons. He and his family causes chaos at a circus of knowledge, than he fixes it all by doing crazy math. I respect him because he has an eidetic memory, actually meant he had a photographic memory which hasn't been scientifically proven to exist.


2. Bishop, Walter or Peter

From: Fringe

Why: Well Walter loves pseudo science and crazy drugs so much he has experimented on himself, others, a caterpillar, and children (which would be bad if it did not turn them all into a new look on super powered people). He can be working on the most dire thing in the multiverse, like both dimensions collapsing, or a deadly parasite wrapped around a guys heart, and suddenly be distracted by gum, or root beer, or cows, or the fact that he can't remember Astrid's name.

Peter is awesome. He is witty, good at fighting, he can pick locks, he is from a different dimension, and he knocked up Olivia twice. He got to have the same, though gender swapped, baby with her. The the first one was Folivia and was erased from existence...I think that show got really complicated.


1. Abed Nadir

From: Community

Why: He is a fan of every type of media, much like myself, he references that in most of his conversations, much like myself, and he is very smart and calculating... I'd prefer not to complement myself on the internet. He has Aspergers, which causes him not to be able to understand emotions, and that makes him very awkward in emotional situations, much like myself, but he never shows it, much like myself. He is awesome at doing Christian Bale's Batman voice.


Did I miss any? Are there any female genius' that I don't know about, because honestly I can't think of any. Questions, comments, leave them below!


Who is your favorite genius on this list?


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