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I've been a big fan of the show " [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469)" since it started up, but I have to say that I, as well as some other fans, have been disappointed with the lack of comic book characters in the show. Though they seem to be learning from that by adding characters like Donnie Gill (otherwise known as Blizzard), Deathlok, and Glenn Talbot. There have been many hints that Skye is connected to a comic book character, but what about Agent Ward? I developed this theory a while back, and I'm finally going to give a few logical ways that Agent Grant Ward could be the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the Merc with a Mouth.

Also another warning, this contains SPOILERS FOR "AGENTS OF SHIELD".

FOX owns as much rights to [Deadpool](movie:38663) Deadpool as they do Quicksilver

Now a lot of you would say, "Oh, but FOX owns X-Men, so Disney can't use Deadpool". Well, that statement is incorrect. Deadpool is not as much a definitive X-Men character as someone like Wolverine or Storm is. Take Quicksilver, since he's not that much of a definitive X-Men character, we can have him in both Avengers: Age of Ultron and X-Men: Days of Future Past. They're still different universes, but they have the same character portrayed differently in each movie. The same can be done with Deadpool. For FOX, we can have the whole slapstick fourth-wall breaking Deadpool (or that weird thing from X-Men Origins).

Geaugh! It still gives me nightmares...
Geaugh! It still gives me nightmares...

But with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we can have a darker take on the character as possibly the newest HYDRA assassin, maybe a replacement for the Winter Soldier.

GH-325 is a regenerative serum...guess who has health regen power?

One of Deadpool's most notable attributes is rapid health regeneration. You could literally slice him in half and he'd be up and running in a couple of hours. We've been introduced to the GH-325 serum, which was the serum that brought Coulson back from the dead and managed to save Skye. Why do you think Garrett would want it? They never explained what his interest in the regen serum was. Maybe he was looking for a way to enhance it to the point where it can run through a man's blood and give him constant health regen...kinda like a certain someone. Who would he use it on? Obviously his favorite agent, Grant Ward.

Centipede is used for super-soldiers, and Deadpool's pretty super

But seriously, the Centipede program has been used for making superhumans, and seemed to work with Mike Peterson, who later became Deathlok. If Garret was running the Centipede operation the whole time, what was he using it for? Maybe for a certain super-soldier project which would have one of his most entrusted agents become the next big HYDRA weapon? I think so.

Deadpool has connections to HYDRA

While he's not necessarily a HYDRA agent, Deadpool does have some connections to HYDRA in the comics. His sidekick Bob, is a HYDRA agent. What if the roles were flipped, and John Garrett is the MCU's version of Bob? Then he could be responsible for the whole Deadpool project, and basically create a whole new Winter Solider-type assassin.

Ward's Identity has been erased, and Brainwashing Technology

In the latest episode "Providence", Skye erased all the identities in the team, including Ward's. This means that he is no longer Grant Ward, and Grant Ward doesn't even exist anymore. We've also seen in Captain America 2 that HYDRA has access to brainwashing technology. So what if Garrett decided that, since his identity's been erased, that he might brainwash Ward into forgetting who he is? Maybe they can give him a new name, like: hmmm, what would go with Ward. Ward, Wayne, Way, Wade, wait Wade!? Wade...Wilson!? Hell, he doesn't know who he is and Garrett likes basic names.

Also...Ward is an awesome combatant

Bit of a weird picture to use...but what the hell
Bit of a weird picture to use...but what the hell

Agent Ward was part of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s black ops operations, and has been proven to be an excellent fighter. He already seems to have the martial arts training down, so that instantly makes him a candidate for Deadpool. Now all we need is a nice pair of Katana swords and a nice red costume and we got ourselves the latest and greatest Deadpool!

So could Agent Ward be Deadpool? Is that the big reveal of the show after all? Is it possible that I'm way too over-obsessed with this character? Well, I'll leave that to you guys when you tell me in the comments below.


Could Agent Grant Ward be DEADPOOL?


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