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5. Graboids

For number 5, we’re including the graboids from Tremors, the first film only. Frankly, these bastards are terrifying enough to make someone climb a pole and die of dehydration. Characters would rather starve than be near one of these things. It’s like being chased by a bear that could swallow you whole, but leaves you with no idea where it is. If you’re in a building, it’ll knock it down to get to you. These things are relentless, endlessly hungry and you can never kill two in the same way. They’re smart. It’s underplayed in the sequels, but the originals paint these buggers as pure death machines.

4. Frankenstein’s Monster

This one gets some historical points. There have been so many versions, ranging from eloquent behemoths to bumbling idiots. In all cases, he’s hard as nails to kill. However, sometimes he simply doesn’t work, like in I, Frankenstein. What makes him unique is he isn’t “born” evil. He is what he is because humanity drove him to it, created only to be rejected and thrown away. His is a tale of motive, one which never wears thin.

3. Gremlins

Despite being monsters in films meant for slightly younger audiences, these guys are lethal. One individual gremlin isn’t so scary, because it may cut you up, but isn’t likely to overpower you. The real terror comes from their ability to multiply with water. If intent on it, a single one could find a massive body of water and take over the globe in maybe a few days or less. Any monster can kill people, but it takes a special breed to potentially destroy a planet. I know I’ll get hate for ranking these guys so high and going beyond the scope of the story, but oh well.

2. The Blob

This on goes without explanation, but I’ll explain anyway. This thing thrives purely on humanity’s destruction and can get you as essentially as long as you’re someplace you’re able to breathe. Any crack or vent is enough for him to reach and devour you. Unfortunately for him, he’s a bit slow and you’ll have a chance or two to escape.

1. Hydra

This unlikely choice makes the list because it’s stood the test of time and possesses traits beyond what most movie monsters ever would. For one, its breath alone is poisonous. Imagine it…a monster that can’t even be approached and faced up close. There’s no way to sneak up on it, as it has several heads looking all over. Stepping in one of its tracks alone could be acidic, which its blood also is. This is Alien times 50. If lucky enough to get a shot in, removing one head would only make the monster stronger. So far, only superhuman characters have taken this monster on successfully and usually in a depiction involving too many heads not getting in on the fight.

Sorry, but it had to be the hydra from Percy Jackson. Mediocre movie, but great monster.

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