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Robin Shields

I, personally watch the Syfy Channel for science fiction, horror, etc. NOT reality shows. I didn’t think there was a shortage of material, but maybe there is.

First, it began with Face Off and I have to admit I enjoyed watching this show the first couple of seasons. However, you can only watch the contestants begin with sculpting their projects to fretting about the final product that will appear before the judges so many times. It is getting old now.

I guess ratings were good enough to venture into other shows, some made it, and thank goodness, some didn’t. We currently have the aforementioned, Face Off, Jim Henson’s Creature Work Shop Challenge, Opposite Worlds (I do hope this one does not come back!), Foxy & Co., Heroes of Cosplay, Carvers, and My Big Fat Geek Wedding. I won't even talk about WWE Smackdown. Additionally, there is a new show listed on, The Will Wheaton Project. This show looks to be a comedic recap of the genre. I can hardly wait, and yes, that is sarcasm.

OK, to be fair, the number of reality shows verses the non reality shows is still a relatively small percentage, however, it is growing at a steady pace. I just don’t want one of the really good tv channels to turn into shows about how movies and other shows are made.


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