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Robin Shields

After the Red Wedding and now the Purple Wedding, I agree, no one on [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) should get married. And, if you are going to be fair, you have to ad Tyrion and Sansa’s wedding to that list. Even though no one died at the wedding, it cannot be called a success.

Ok, the Purple Wedding I would call a resounding successs. Yes, someone died, but look at who died. I am so glad that little bugger is gone. He was someone you loved to hate.

Well, now that he is gone, who will rule? With Joffrey being poisoned after the wedding raises some interesting issues. It is clear that women are not allowed to rule or Cersei would have been allowed to rule as Queen when Robert died. So, who will rule? Granted, you haven’t seen Cersei’s other children in a while, but Joffrey does have a younger brother, will he rule? Or, will one of the Lannisters, Tywin or Jaime marry Joffrey’s new widow and become the new King?

In addition to the question of who will immediately replace Joffrey, his death will undoubtedly, renew the fever of those who want to be King. It will be interesting to see the next few episodes unfold.


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