I am here to review the quality of films and recommend more

For some reason a lot of people can't actually sit through a musical without yawning on purpose to emphasise how much they would rather watch liam neeson shoot down badguys while in a car chase .But musicals aren't boring infact they usually have more depth when it comes to storyline and yes most musicals might not have action at liam neeson standards except for le mis.

Here is a list of early and brand new musicals which are definitely not boring

1. Les miserables

Not only award winning musical film it was originally based upon the book written by victor hugo in 1862 it has action political ideas and is just a movie that you just can't watch without crying a few times.

2.calamity jane

Calamity jane is definitely one for any age considering that I saw it when I was Seven or nine so I would recommend showing it to your kids at a young age

3.west side story

It is famous for having the catchiest film soundtrack ever put through your ears.

It is a short list because you might have to search for exactly your taste but definitely check these films out .

That was musicals aren't boring what are you waiting for gi and get them and watch to your hearts content.


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