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Dustin Harms

I've seen many say "the ball" is in DC's court. That is not even close to right. "The Ball" is clearly still in Marvel's court. Here is my breakdown:


DC is leaps and bounds better at producing weekly television. From Smallville to Arrow to the upcoming Flash and Gotham. DC is going to be all over our broadcast airwaves. Smallville had some big special effects for a TV show, its own TV movie and went 10 seasons. No superhero themed TV show is going to come close to that success. Deny it all you want you know I am right.

Arrow is without a doubt the best Comic Book show on TV today. If you compared year one of Arrow to year one of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S.H.I.E.L.D falls flat on its face, Arrow did take the first half of its first season to find its footing but when they did, they haven't let go of us yet. The reason being they are their own universe that can and will be easily rolled in and out of the movieverse. Here is an analogy for Arrow. Each season is like a bow and arrow the first half of the season is the pulling back of the bow and as soon as they get back from Christmas break they release the arrow and we go for one heck of a ride.

With Flash coming up by the same people and having the CCO of DC involved in both shows its going to be great to be a DC fan and we won't have any trouble rolling both shows in and out of Justice League, as Arrow will be on its way to Season 4 and Flash into Season 3 (by the time of JL production) the fan base will be there to incorporate them in the movie.

Gotham has me worried the last not directly Batman show, Birds of Prey was a flop. However Ben McKenzie and the rest of the all star cast that include Jada Pinkett-Smith makes me think it will hold its own. Also, the kid from Touch plays young Bruce Wayne.

TV - Marvel

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, In reality is a decent show, however it's got some big problems. First it's really dependent on the movies and might suffer from actions coming out of CA2. People will be confused and stop watching.

Second it's in a horrible time slot Tuesday is the single worse day to be on TV. Say what you will but going up against NCIS and Glee is not competition you want. It needs to go to Thursdays at 8 when there isn't a lot on.

Third and most importantly its always going to be compared to Buffy, Angel and Firefly and its none of those shows.

I think that these reasons are why they haven't been renewed for another season, yet. If they do the should really move the show to Thursdays at 8 when nothing else is really on.

Movies - Marvel

Marvel has a huge problem on their hands and it stems from not having all their characters under one roof. No, I'm not talking about Spidey not being in The Avengers. Its called over saturation. Marvel has a movie coming out basically every 6 months from now and until the world ends. Which is great if they can keep the quality up, and the other studios don't screw up. Which we all think the new Fantastic Four is doomed. We have learned in the 'golden age of superhero movies' that our favorite franchises can go down the tube quickly. (Superman 3- 4 Returns, Batman 3-4).

Movies - DC

DC is in the sweet spot right now, for a few reasons. One, Man of Steel was on par with Avengers and gave us plenty of easter eggs to speculate where they are going. We all know Man of Steel 2 is going to feature the Trinity in some sort of fashion. I'm still not convinced its going to be Superman vs Batman. I have my own train of thought on that. I might share later.

Two, They aren't popping out 3-4 movies a year. If they really wanted to they could revive New Line and pop out 2 a year. Which leads us to..

Three, They have all the rights to their properties. If they want Batman to appear on Arrow. He will. If they want Green Lantern (not Ryan Reynolds) to appear on Gotham he will. If they want Stephen Amell, Grant Gustan and Ben McKenzie to be in Justice League they will be.

This isn't a speed race to see who can get the most movies out. Its a patience race to see who can put out the best movies. DC is the best at the long game where Marvel is rushing, but that is just my 2 cents.


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