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Poll: which one will/might/could be in the DCCU* Nightwing or Robin?

*DCCU: Detective Comics** Cinematic Universe

**Detective Comics: DC Comics***

***Haven't they noticed that "DC Comics" literally translates into Detective Comics Comics?

So they're the same person (if the Robin ends up being Richard* Grayson), but thanks to Batman and Robin and Batman Forever (I actually don't think this is that bad) the name "Robin" has been soiled. Maybe in The Dark Knight Rises it can be said that it has been neutralized.

*Richard, AKA DICK. Nightwing is Dick's (hehe) reincarnation from Robin.

I'm a huge fan of the Arkham game series and the goys and girls over there knew exactly how to make these guys total bada**es. So the boys and girls at Warner Bros should take notes.

But I digress, who do you think should be or not be in the DCCU? Personally I don't care (which is why I didn't title this "Why Robin/Nightwing needs to be in the DCCU instead of Nightwing/Robin") but if the plan is to make a JL after MoS 2/Batman vs Superman, then I don't think he can be a part of that group. I wouldn't mind if he was but they already have their non-super powered, super smart detective in the group* so maybe he can just be like "hey guys, I'll go stop the little crimes in Gotham while Darkseid or Doomsday f*cks all of you up."

*That would be Batman

However, if their plan is to adapt The Dark Knight Returns, Batman gets the help of Green Arrow, but I think Green Arrow in any movie is a bad idea. Hey, his show is decent (probably the best that CW could've made it) but if they want a more iconic character in it, Batman will get the help of Robin/Nightwing. But maybe Batman convinces Wonder Woman to help him out instead and there's no need for either of them? This is purely speculation.

Let me know what you all think!


Robin or Nightwing in the DCCU?


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