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Rob Davies

We're finally starting to get a proper look at Gareth Edwards' version of the iconic monster.

The latest TV spot, titled 'Nature Has An Order', opens with Bryan Cranston's character Joe Brody talking about the loss of his wife before switching to Elizabeth Olsen reassuring Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Elle and Ford Brody respectively that he will be coming back to her safely.

The ominous "it's not the end of the world" line is spoken before moving on to Ken Watanabe as Ichiro Serizawa speaking the aforementioned title of the TV spot. All pretty interesting stuff but this is where it gets interesting.

We get a clear view of [Godzilla](movie:45291) at the 0:24 mark giving off a mighty roar high into the sky.

Godzilla is out May 16th in America and May 14th internationally. For more Godzilla TV spots head to the source: YouTube.


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