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I've been a cautious fan of Arrow from day 1, but after two successful seasons (both financially and as a decent show in its own right), it's looking like the CW is finally ready to start taking bigger risks with their DC superheroes.

Don't get me wrong: [Arrow](series:720988) has definitely progressed nicely since its inception thanks to the CW handling the character and his supporting cast (both heroes and villains) quite well. It's worked so far because they've tinkered with the universe of Green Arrow just enough to please a wider audience while also providing plenty of fan service.

Seriously, though. How great was "Suicide Squad?"
Seriously, though. How great was "Suicide Squad?"

In other words, you can tell that true fans of the comics contribute to the writing of the show, as it has become loved for its subtle, yet satisfying, nods to characters from all over the DC universe.

But I think a lot of people like me are ready for Arrow to start changing its formula a bit. When the show was first conceptualized, the producers broadened it enough to allow this version of Green Arrow to reasonably fit within the Nolanverse (AKA Chris Nolan's DC universe as made famous by Batman) while also having enough camp and light mysticism to give "Arrow" room to explore.

The show has been gritty and dark in places, but it hasn't been as realistic as, for example, The Dark Knight (which I realize doesn't say much). Well, during a recent interview, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg gave us quite a bit of insight into which direction this franchise is going in.

Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Producer of "Arrow"
Andrew Kreisberg, Executive Producer of "Arrow"

According to Kreisberg, the third season will start with Oliver Queen facing some new challenges thanks to his financial situation.

(Spoilers for Season 2 from here on out)

If you've been keeping up with Arrow this season, you know that Oliver Queen is not exactly in the best situation right now financially. Isabel Rochev has usurped his family's company, leaving him and his loved ones completely broke. Further, his sister and mother are both in turmoil over the reveal that (SPOILERS) Thea is Merlyn's daughter.

We already know that Ollie's approaching confrontation with Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) will leave him with quite a few scars, and there's very little doubt we're going to lose a major character or two.

This means that season 3 will definitely be darker, as it will see Ollie having to continue his journey as the Arrow without the resources of Queen Consolidated funding him. Kreisberg pointed out that this will affect how he deals with Diggle and Felicity, as they will no longer be paid.

Simply put, the future of Team Arrow is definitely uncertain, and this is a fantastic plot point for the writers of the show to explore. So far, Oliver has had it pretty easy when it comes to taking down his adversaries, but this new season will hopefully push him to the brink, giving us a deeper, more significant story arc that will (finally) transform the Hood/Arrow into the actual Green Arrow.

And it's about time.


What kind of tone do you want to see in Season 3?

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