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I watched [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) last night. Funny thing is as soon as the credits started rolling my friends by my side turned to me and asked immediately what my thoughts of it were. HA! Must be doing something right with these reviews!

Firstly, whoa! Two Marvel reviews right after each other? But is this really counted as a Marvel film? It didn’t even have the Marvel logo opening at the beginning of credits (Did earlier instalments and iterations have this?) Secondly, I’ll try to do this review without giving away too many spoilers. Although I cannot guarantee I can stick to it because there’s just so much to nit-pick in the details.

The Amazing Spider Man 2: Rise of Electro was quite hard to like but quite hard to hate at the same time. I’m not entirely sure that I like the film and a lot of things about it, but there were some saving grace to redeem it from being total cinematic crap *ahem-THOR*…

Having said that let’s just call this film The ‘Sorta-OK Spider Man‘. After having done such a great job revitalizing the franchise (and let’s be honest – they really needed to do something good after Sam Raimi’s Spider Man 3), Marc Webb fails to deliver the same grit yet fun factor that made the first of this series so good.

Let’s go jump in and take a look at the Good and the Bad that made it a so and so film.

Peter Parker

GOOD: Andrew Garfield is aDORKable! Much like the first film, and faithful to the comics, Garfield plays endearing awkwardness so well. His one-liners were one up over Tobey Maguire’s Spidey iteration, and still spot on in this instalment.

BAD: I feel like they’ve overdone the Parent-left-me issues thing too much now. Didn’t Peter already find out a lot of things from his dad’s research? Wasn’t that the premise of the first film? How did he manage to leave out his dad’s bag and all of its’ important content? Did it just materialize for storytelling sakes?

Gwen Stacy

GOOD: Emma Stone is aDORKable! Wait have I used that term already? Probably because Garfield and Stone’s chemistry is off the charts! No one has played Gwen Stacy this well (Take that Bryce Dallas Howard) and it will be hard to think of anyone else playing Peter’s first true love like Garfield’s reel and real life girlfriend. I want to take this opportunity to teach you all a Filipino word – “KILIGS”, which basically means that giddy, heart fluttering feeling you get with romantic gestures and moments. Every scene with Stone and Garfield – so kiligs! Gwen Stacy is smart, sassy, and just so darn loveable! Good on Webb for actually sticking it out and following comic canon (for those who know the comics and watched the film, you’ll know what I mean *truly heartbreaking*)

: I’m in love with Emma stone, there is no bad here. Although if I were to nit-pick, it would be that if they were really going for character dignity, they would’ve set the film up so that they would meet up in college along with bff Harry Osborne. But this is not really an issue because there has been so many reiterations that have worked and this is just one of them.

Harry Osborne

GOOD: Can’t say much, because I felt he was the weakest link in the film. Despite being based on a comic character, I found his performance as Green Goblin II (wait was he the I or II in this film?) as too comical. As Harry he was ok I guess, although I couldn’t imagine him being so cool and popular that he would date supermodels. He did have a pretty villainous stare so he seemed to fit that aspect of the character.

: See above. It’s saying a lot about the character that I actually preferred James Franco’s (and even Willem Dafoe’s) iteration over this one. I guess time will tell if they develop his character more as he doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Electro/Max Dillon

BAD: Did I say Harry Osborne was the weakest link in the film? I meant to say that he was second only to the main antagonist – Electro. Couldn’t even stomach writing a ‘GOOD’ section for this character as it was portrayed so badly! Jamie Foxx was wildly miscast and although there were a lot of cheesy lines from all characters, Foxx delivers a large volume of those ‘cringe and hide behind your hand’ worthy dialogue. Here’s where I get real nit-picky… *SPOILER* Blue man de-materializing and re-materializing whenever and wherever he feels like it begs to ask the question - Marc Webb are you trying to imitate Zack Snyder’s Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen? And whilst I understand why there was a use for it, being a family film and all, but why did he materialize with underwear and/or a full body, bolt on the side design suit on? If his body was only materializing as electricity, how did he manage to get fabric particles along for the ride?

Aunt May Parker

GOOD: Oh well here is my love for THE LEGEND that is Sally Field comes out! That one scene when she is talking to Peter about his parents broke my heart, so much so that I had to turn away from my mates on my left side in case I shed a few tears (This feeling took me back to every episode/scene as Nora Walker in Brothers & Sisters.) The chemistry as Aunt-Nephew/Mother-Son nature between Field and Garfield is a close second to the love story between Stone-Garfield. But vulnerable yet respectable Aunt May by Sally Field wins by miles in portrayal. I can’t really go into too much detail at how much I loved her performance in the film without giving too much away.

: Let’s not speak bad things about Aunt May and Sally Field. She was and is the moral ground to Peter/Spidey. The only thing I can think of is that they did not utilize her enough.

While there were great cameos by Felicia Hardy aka The Black Cat, The Rhino, Mr. Fear and so on and so forth, the fact that there were so many made it seem like it was overcrowded! There were way too many villains in this film. And yet despite the canvas being too full, where was Mary Jane?! This film would’ve been the perfect setup to introduce the character. On the flipside there are some great easter eggs to future and upcoming sequels and spin offs – Venom and Sinister Six.

VERDICT: I’ll have to give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars because although there were a lot of awful aspects about the film, the love story subplot is still very much KILIGS. You could basically take the love story and use it in a different concept and it would still work. Plus also there are some cool effects and hints to things we can all look forward to.


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