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Hey Moviepiloters! I've been busy, but I feel like discussing a matter that has been troubling me. There has been much buzz about the upcoming Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Since that crazy finale (no spoilers), everybody has been wondering what's next for the series we all love.

Robert Kirkman (the brilliant creator of the award-winning comic series) was recently asked a puzzling question. Will Negan, the crazed leader of The Saviors, arrive? His response was, "There is a 99% chance that Negan will arrive". Then, when asked if Jon Hamm could pull off Negan, he responded that he "thinks Jon Hamm would be perfect". But unfortunately, he thinks that it is not likely for Hamm to play the bat-handed sociopath. Finally, Kirkman stated that the show is planning on introducing a new villain at the end of the upcoming Season 5. If I was I betting man, I'd bet that this villain will be Negan.

Now, why am I telling you this? Negan is one of my favorite characters in the comics. He is absolutely crazy! I mean, he crushes heads with various objects such as ironing boards and a barbed-wire baseball bat he views as a woman named Lucille. And boy, she is one rude bitch according to him! This guy is bonkers, and I don't want to spoil much more of the fun he brings.

All Out War highlights why the Walking Dead is awesome, and Negan is the top reason the storyline is successful. He is interesting to read, and that's because you never know what's going to come out of his mouth. Besides swear words, which he uses A LOT, he seriously says the weirdest things. Anyway, now to the point of the article:

Why do I feel like Negan will be toned down for the show? I know AMC has been darkening the show, especially with the back half of Season 4. But is a prime-time audience really ready for Negan? I hope so, but I feel like AMC will simmer his outrageousness down. Here's why:

1. Language

I feel like we won't hear the "fucks" that truly define his character. I can imagine that AMC won't use that type of frequent language used in the comics, and that makes me scared. Seriously, Negan doesn't just swear, he is the definition of a swear word. His language is horrible, but it is a unique characteristic that individualizes him and makes him who he is. There is no way his language won't be toned down, which is disappointing to me.

2. Lucille

What about Negan's eccentric partner-in-crime, Lucille the Louisville Slugger? According to him, she's a sadistic "woman". She is violent, and she supposedly controls him at times of brutality. Basically, he thinks she tells him to do these brutal acts and that he is acting on her behalf most of the time. Also, let's not forget that he loves Lucille. In fact, he has even shared some of the weird things he has attempted to do with her (yes, it's like really weird). Will the show reveal much of this aspect, or do you think they'll leave it out?

3. Brutality

Negan is a brutal man. When we first meet Negan, he wants to hurt somebody. What does he do? After lining our protagonists up, he chooses one via a game of eni-mini-mini-moe. After picking them up, he smashes their poor face in with Lucille. Literally, he beats it to a pulp (eyes popping out and flesh pulped). Right from the start, we know he means business. Later, we see him iron the flesh off a fellow community member's scalding face. Why? The guy was sleeping with his wife, who became one of Negan's many wives to make their lives easier. From gutting cowards to torturing enemies, he is one sick puppy. But, his one odd rule is to not allow or commit rape to anybody. Will these cruel, extremely violent acts be cut out of the show? They sure are brutal, and it wouldn't surprise me at all.

In conclusion, these are some of the worries I have about Negan's television portrayal. Please feel free to comment yours, snowball onto mine, or share opinions about Negan in the section below. Also, I encourage you to tell me how I did. Do you think Negan will be toned down in AMC's The Walking Dead? Will the violence and swearing still provide a defining characteristic for him? These are questions I will thoroughly ponder until he is introduced into the series. As always, thanks for reading guys! :P


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