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Variety claims that the unique opportunity came about due to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb's existing contract with Fox Searchlight. The magazine claims that Fox allowed Webb to direct Spider-Man but "only if Sony would promote the X-Men film for free"
source: the Mirror

When word that Sony would be working with Fox on a post credit scene, the internet blew up with speculations about crossovers. Of course, now we know that's not happening anytime soon and it was simply a deal made between the two movie companies circling around some former deals concerning Marc Webb. But, in the long run, was it the smartest thing for Sony?

Usually the post credit scenes are reserved for stingers intended to promote the next installment; this eras version of the cliffhanger. But on the debut of SPIDER-MAN 2, instead of talking about Parker or Oscorp or the mysterious man in the hat, everyone was a buzz about the X-Men: Days of Future Past clip.

In retrospect, was it wise for Sony to give it's coveted final say to the Marvel fanbase over to their main competition in May ?

This is especially stinging seeing that the clip featured the internet/fanboy sensation Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. Also featured was the energy blasting Havok and the weirdly freaky Toad. But, let's be serious here. After the big three (Xavier, Magneto and Wolverine), Mystique sucks up the attention like a black hole in space. So, those leaving the theater will take with them the final image of not a veiled debut of a future villain for spidey to fight, but the slender form of the living embodiment of Mutant sex appeal.

And, not only that, what are we talking about here on and all over the myriad of comic movie news sites? Not how Amazing Spider-Man 2 did or questions it has left us with. NO. We're talking about the X-men!

So, did Sony goof up? Did they just had Fox a major nod; giving them Spidey's part of the summer movie hype? Yes and no.

Sure, they took some attention away from this grounds-breaking film. YES! GROUNDS BREAKING! ASM2 is the chance to prove that you can have more than a couple of villains in a movie and not loose focus or the audience. They're out to prove that Sinister Six is doable. I don't believe this move will take away from that. But it WAS a major coop for FOX.

But, in the long run, Sony won't loose a step. They have apparently went to the school held by the mighty Avengers franchise in recent years and are attempting to show what they have learned. Their are attempting to open ASM2 as not just a stand alone movie but a jumping off point for a whole Spider-Man universe to explode across the big screen! It's something the fans have been begging for for a long time. And I don't think this one little X-Men clip is going to topple the Juggernaut (excuse the pun) that Sony is building.

No, Sony isn't in the least worried about Fox 'stealing their thunder'. This is mainly because they know that the X-men franchise has a lot of work to do before it ever gets things half as organized as Sony's Spider-Man cash cow. What has begun in Amazing Spider-Man 2 will cause a ripple across Marvel fans and blogs for years to come. Now, all that remains to be seen is whether Fox is truly getting it as well as it seems they have. And THAT will be seen later in the month. All I have to say to Fox is, "Good Luck"


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