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Just a clarification: I am not talking about Eugene "Flash" Thompson. This is about Barry and Peter.

The Flash [Barry Allen] was created about six years before the Amazing Spider-Man. These two characters have changed at many times, and I've recently realized how similar they are. Enjoy the read!

1) At a young age, both characters lost their parents.

Both of Peter Parker's parents left him to Aunt May and Uncle Ben at a young age, who treated him as their own. Meanwhile, Barry Allen's mother was murdered and his father was imprisoned [in the recent origins]. The age of Barry during that incident varies, but he was old enough to remember.

2) They are very clever in the subject of science.

They It is required that both of them have high knowledge in what they do, or else they would be totally clueless in their battles. Barry Allen knows a lot about physics while Peter Parker knows more about animals.

3) Parker and Allen experienced a huge accident that gave them their powers and abilities.

from The Flash #0
from The Flash #0

It was not their choice for them to get powers; it was a sudden clash of events. Peter Parker was bitten by some kind of spider at OsCorp [conveniently where quite a few villains get their abilities]. Coincidence. Accident. Miracle. After their incidents happened, they were somewhat unstable. Peter gained Spidey Sense and could stick to walls. Barry was uncontrollably fast. Both of them realized that they were something more than their ordinary selves and could use their advantages to make the world [at least their cities] better.

4) They strive to make the best decision.

The great thing about them is that they are not too overpowered and they are still close to being a normal human. The help people and try not to let anyone die.

5) The grieve over their mistakes.

If someone dies, and it does happen, grief hangs over their heads for a while. They believe that with great power come great responsibility. Barry might not say that quote, but it fits him.

6) Cool villains in the city!

Though arguably not as popular as Batman's villains, Flash and Spidey fight cool villains from time to time to time. Another cool thing about the villains is that you feel sympathy for them. All of the villains aren't that bad; it's the situation that they are put in that makes them that way.

The Rogues never want to kill unless it's their last resort.

Not all the villains are evil.

7) Look at their girlfriends.

Patty Spivot (Barry's girlfriend) is blonde and also very skilled at what she does. The same goes for Gwen Stacy.

Patty Spivot
Patty Spivot

Iris West and MJ Watson are similar in some ways as well.

Well, what do you think?


What do you think about the Flash and Spider-Man?

I wanted to write this because people were saying that Grant Gustin would make a good Peter Parker. I realized that it wasn't Gustin's fault; it was the fact that they are written similarly.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out in theaters in the U.S. on May 2nd.

The Flash airs on the CW this fall.


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