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I know I'm a little late talking about Iron Man 3, but I thought I'd leave this here for your viewing pleasure.

A little over a year when I was still in college, the first Iron Man 3 trailer debuted. It didn't reveal much except for the fact that Tony Stark was struggling to cope with the events of the Avengers. Who knew alternate dimensions, a horde of aliens, and nearly dying could be so impactful? Right?

Anyway, I didn't have much to go off of, but I knew I wanted to make a poster. I did my research and looked up as many interviews as I could find and began to sketch out my ideas.

Now to talk about the actual movie. A lot of people I've talked to weren't a fan of the film, but I disagree. Yes, I may be a tad biased, but let me explain. A lot of people didn't enjoy the amount of humor in it, but it makes sense. The story was being told by Tony himself, and we already know he's not the serious, stick to the facts type. Do you really think Tony Stark is the type of person who actually deals with his feelings or makes jokes instead? I do the same thing so I can relate.

Another aspect that I found very relatable is another strategy Tony uses to combat his feelings, he works. As an illustrator, I often find myself turning to my work, or just plain doodling to take my mind off more serious matters. Because of this, I feel like we finally get to see some of the more relatable sides of Tony's personality. Up until this point, we see a glimpse of this in his sarcastic cocky personality in the other films, but in Iron Man 3 the entire film is from this perspective.

And, finally to add on to something I mentioned in my post about the Winter Soldier. I enjoyed the curve ball that Ben Kingsley was not actually the Mandarine, but instead a bumbling idiot of an actor who can do a wickedly intimating voice. My buddy, Josh and I imitated the voice for weeks leading up to the release.

Anyway, that's what I think about Iron Man 3. I hope you like my illustration. If you'd like to see any of my future work follow me on any of the sites listed below. If you like my art and want to use anything for a post on here or anywhere else, please make sure to credit me and link to one or more of my sites.

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