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Bobby TwistedMinded Borges

Back in 2003, when this movie was announced, I was beyond excited to see this film. Watching slashers from different movies come together was the the Horror version of the Avengers film. The movie did live up to the hype, for me at least, and at the end, we were left with a cliff hanger. This cliff hanger shows Jason coming out of the water with Freddy's decapitated head which then shows Freddy wink his eye and then the credits roll... I've been waiting for another installment since that day... 11 years later, still somewhat waiting.. I heard this movie did great in the box office so what stopped this movie from continuing into a sequel? Would you be interested if they were to make a continuation of this film? Any news about why or why not this movie stopped at just one film?


Would you be interested in another Freddy vs Jason flick?


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