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*SPOILERS AHEAD FOR THOSE OF YOU EITHER UNFAMILIAR WITH THE COMICS, OR WHO HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIES* With the great success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we can only ask where its' sequel is going to take us. Many people have speculated if they'll depict the death of Steve Rogers, but with Chris Evans' contract not ending until The Avengers 3, that's where I'm betting they'll end his involvement, and let Sebastian Stan pick up the shield. So, they have to go out with a bang. Here's the three villains that I believe could provide the fuse...

1. Red Skull

Red Skull
Red Skull

He was the main villain in the first Captain America movie, and the last that we saw of him was his body disintegrating as he squeezed the Tesseract. Personally, I don't think the Red Skull is gone. Rumors or not, I have fact behind my belief. In the instance that he disappears, for a brief moment you get a glimpse of the "cosmos", very similar to the view from Asgard's Bifrost, which the Asgardians use to travel between the different realms. Also, at the end of Marvel's The Avengers (2012), you see Thor and Loki gripping a container, with the Tesseract inside, just before they're teleported back to Asgard. It could be very possible that the Red Skull wasn't "disintegrated" so much as teleported to another realm, destined to return to Earth and finish his attack on America and its' Captain. Hopefully Hugo Weaving would be willing to return.

2. Crossbones

Introduced in the newest installment, Brock Rumlow (portrayed by Frank Grillo) was a HYDRA operative, masquerading as a S.H.I.E.L.D. soldier at Captain America's side. Though it was rumored that he'd don the title of a major villain in the early production of the film, he was only a henchman. I'd love to see him in full costume as Crossbones because I enjoyed Grillo's performance. There's two obstacles though: 1. Crossbones is second-in-command to Red Skull, so if they want to continue sticking very close to the comics, the best way to do that is bring back Hugo Weaving. 2. Crossbones is responsible for the eventual assassination of Captain America. To introduce him, assuming they stick to the comics (fingers crossed), Marvel and the Captain America 3 writers will be setting Steve Rogers' death in motion. I said obstacles, not problems, because both of these are easily achieved, depending on when Marvel plans to kill Chris Evans.

3. Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo
Baron Zemo

This is the one I don't care to see as much as the others, but Zemo is a great villain. A Nazi scientist, sadist, and mass murderer, Zemo was the real one responsible for the "death" of Bucky and Captain America's frozen hibernation, but obviously that's already been changed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After killing hundreds of people, Zemo wore his hood to retain some anonymity. In an encounter with Captain America, Cap threw his shield into a chemical vat, which spilled over Zemo's head, permanently bonding the hood to his face. After Cap and Bucky were gone, Zemo believed they were both dead until the Avengers resurrected Cap, instigating Zemo's rage and his desire to kill his enemy once and for all. One of the only reasons I'd like to see him in the cinematic universe that's been set up, is that Zemo forms the Masters of Evil, the villainous counterpart to the Avengers. Although most of the original members haven't been introduced yet, rumor has it that Enchantress and her Executioner will be included in Thor 3. Although Thanos is the ultimately speculated villain for Avengers 3, maybe a Masters of Evil inclusion would be cool too.

What do you guys think? Who would you like to see Cap go up against next? How about Thor? I really want to see Enchantress and Executioner. And, if Robert Downey, Jr. signs up for another solo Iron Man, who would you like him to fight? I think they need to fix the Mandarin. Let me know your opinions in the comments!


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