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Evan Lee

Please, please make a Wolverine movie like this! I don't care if Fox made the movie in all CGI...

I understand children watch these X-Men movies but at least make a CGI Wolverine movie on the side for a mature audience (like the trailer above). Hugh Jackman makes a great Wolverine but every X-Men movie (especially Wolverine) it seems like the studio and the directors always hold the character back. What I'm trying to saying is this...Wolverine is a complex character but he's a KILLING MACHINE! I want to see him unleash his wild-animalistic rage and show blood when he kills his enemies, have him cutting through 30 henchmen!

Of course I want a good storyline but let Wolverine be...Wolverine.

Maybe it's just me....I find him kinda boring now in the movies. He fights so stiff and awkwardly. He's always stuck thinking about Jean Grey, I understand in the comics he has relationship issues but let the man go on an adventure that doesn't involve a relationship issue or him mourning.

I want to see Wolverine GO BERSERK!!!

I'm not trying to make this article about me....Maybe Wolverine needs to take a break from the PG-13 movies and let him go the R-Rated route?


Would YOU be cool with Wolverine having his own R-Rated movie? (Live Action or CGI)


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