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Last time I spoke out about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, I talked about what she could bring to the table as a presence for the Amazonian Princess. Today I wanted to talk about my favorite thing and that’s training. For Gal to train for Wonder Woman it’s going to be very different and if she has her head in the right place she will be built enough to do plenty of work for the film.

I ask myself at times when it comes to superhero films do the actors do most of their own stunts? Well I believe not all stunts are created equal. There are plenty of Stunt Doubles to help out the actors for most of the physical and danger work while the actor gets the close-ups. However, I also believe that some actors do enough stunt work of their own that generates the films interest in using them for key scenes. I realize not every actor does his own stunts but there are enough of them that work and puts in plenty of time for that.

From what we’ve read so far it’s been said Gal is doing a good cardio regimen and practicing various martial arts such as Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Ju Jitsu and possibly others that aren’t revealed yet or ever will. I don’t know about you but cardio doesn’t put on much muscle mass which Gadot needs. Sure there’s plenty of diet she’s doing but without the right balance of strength and endurance training it’s not going to come out well. Although Kung Fu & Ju Jitsu are very popular martial arts, I’d rather see her learning what’s called Catch As Catch Can Wrestling. This art goes beyond your normal style of submission wrestling and with Wonder Woman knowing a few tactics in combat this would amp it up a bit plus it shows how to slap on a hold without needing strength involved only leverage and I believe Wonder Woman knows how to wrestle and not just punch and kick.

I’m not surprised she’ll go on a Crossfit regimen with a few compound basic and isolated lifting routine. Most trainers never truly reveal the training they put on actors because quite frankly it’s not that believable and when they put it out in a magazine it’s just a half-ass version of what they really do. I believe you can put on Mass without touching a weight that gives that athletic and strong feminine look without the bulk and bodybuilder type look. Wonder Woman is no where near a bodybuilder; she’s athletic, cunning, agile and very powerful by the looks of it. Will Gadot be on the juice, I don’t believe so but I’m also not ruling it out.

I have no doubt she will bust her ass to train as the Amazon Princess but she also needs to be careful more than usual. Training hard for 6-8 months 4-5 days a week is a bit of a stretch for most people and for an actress who is athletic but not that massive yet is going to need plenty of recovery which may not happen because of shooting and rehearsing scenes. There’s no doubt in my mind she will most likely injure herself one way or another doing this movie and if it reveals she never did, they’re hiding it big time.

Personally I’m pulling for her and I hope she kicks ass but I also know that realistically, Gadot has got to be careful with what she’s doing and I hope those trainers put her through a tough session every few days or so because recovery is just as important as the training is. I’m not looking to see mighty thighs or big arms and a Betty Page waist but I hope she trains hard enough to have dense muscle and strong tendons for what lies ahead. Gadot has a strong mindset and if she keeps her head on straight and focuses on the task at hand she can be the best Wonder Woman of the modern era. Let’s see what unfolds shall we.


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