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Laylla Azarbyjani

I am just going to get straight to the point about ‘Noah’ I was really disappointed about this film completely. The story was dragged on and was not needed.

When I first watched the trailer for this film I was like this looks really good, but when you watched the film, it was dragged on and fast pace in places it shouldn’t have been such as time passing through the film.

To give some credits the actors were good, however this film wasn’t their best. They’ve done better films compared to this.

Visually the film was good and I liked 'The Watchers’ characters they were the stone creatures. I liked them as they were different and made the film look a lot better as at that point in the film I had some hope for it to get better. But it didn’t. The Ark and the animals visually looked good too and I liked how they used special leaves from trees to put them to sleep.

I wouldn’t recommend this film for a cinema viewing however it’s worth a watch on DVD. And worth a watch if your into these kinds of films.

What was your take on Noah?


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