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Ever since Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-producer Matt Tolmach discussed gender switching members of the Sinister Six, the fan-boys (and girls) have both been excited and angry about the comments.

Attending a premier in Germany, Tolmach was confronted by a question from none other than the German Moviepilot about the chances of the Vulture being cast as a woman.

“It’s certainly possible,” said Tolmach. “It’s a good idea actually.”
Moviepilot suggested that a female version of the Vulture might be an interesting thing to see. Tolmach seemed to agree. “Could be very cool,” he said. “I’m not going to commit to anything other than to say, ‘a really good idea.’ And it could certainly happen. So, we’ll see.”

So the fans are bound to have plenty to say about this. I mean, there's no Marvel comic cannon possibility that this would ever happen right? So , we riot, right? Well, before you start ranting, let me lay some things on ya!



Carolyn Trainer was an adoring student of Otto Octavious. When Doc was killed, she was eager to step in to his...uh...tentacles. She took the name Doc Ock in honor of her fallen teacher and set about to make Spidey's life a living hell. She was also involved in bringing Doc back with the help of the mystical HAND CLAN. she also reprised her villainous role with the tentacles calling herself Lady Ock.

I personally don't see this happening and believe that the man in the shadows wearing the hat in the post credits and trailer is our original Doc Ock. I also think they need the original MALE Doc to lead this project. Without him, there is no true leadership.

[First appearance Amazing Fantasy Vol 2 #7 (June, 2005)]
[First appearance Amazing Fantasy Vol 2 #7 (June, 2005)]


Carmilla Black is a genetically altered human with a mutated arm that releases a powerful toxin. She take to calling that arm, 'Stinger'. She finds that her mother was the 'SCIENTIST SUPREME' for ADVANCED IDEA MECHANICS (A.I.M.). There were also insinuations that her father may be Bruce Banner. If so, you might not want to make her angry.

She's not only wore a genuine Scorpion costume equipped with the classic scorpion tail, but she has also possessed for a short time a symbiote from Venom.

Spider-Man: Power of Terror #2 (February, 1995)
Spider-Man: Power of Terror #2 (February, 1995)

Elaine Coll also donned a costume calling herself SCORPIA . She actually belonged to one rendition of the Sinister Six.

3) Felicia Hardy AKA THE BLACK CAT

I think it's a given that somewhere down the pike that the Black Cat will make an appearance. She has a love affair with Spidey that rivals the whole Batman/Catwoman saga. I think that she is a must in the future of the Spider-Man franchise; especially if something happens to Gwen Stacy (inevitable). I also would say that the Black Cat is essential to the success of the Sinister Six whether any of the other members are gender switched or not. In fact, she should have been #1 on the list.

If you ask me, she is the epitome of the grey area in the whole hero/villain struggle. She's a thief, but she has aided Spider-Man many times. I think it's a given that, if she is brought into the Sinister Six project at all, she will be one of those 'bad guys' who experience redemption by changing sides. I actually expect to see her in Amazing Spider-Man 3, but anything can happen.

Amazing Spider-man #678 (2012)
Amazing Spider-man #678 (2012)

Ok, maybe not Mary Jane Venom, but there are plenty of choices for a female Venom.


Ann Weying

First off, we have Ann Weying commonly refered to as She-Venom. She was extremely close to Eddie Brock, the original Venom, seeing as she was his Ex-Wife. At one point she had been shot and, to save her, Eddie bonded part of the Symbiote to her. After slaughtering her attackers, Eddie took it back and she was horrified. In 2000, she leaped to her death upon seeing Eddie don the Venom symbiote again.

Venom #10 (March, 2004)
Venom #10 (March, 2004)

Patricia Robertson

Patricia Robertson was a lieutenant in the US Army, stationed Canada, just above the Arctic Circle. On a routine errand to a nearby laboratory, she came into contact with a NEW Venom that was programmed to kill all of mankind. Upon using a collar to get it under control, the new symbiote took her as a consolation prize. In the end, she met the original Venom and it absorbed her symbiote back in.

Venom Vol 2 #38 (September, 2013)
Venom Vol 2 #38 (September, 2013)

Andrea Benton

Once Flash Thomson had gained control of the Venom Symbiote (Do you even ?), his neighbor came into contact with poisonous gas. To save her, you guessed it, he fused part of Venom into her. She took on the symbiote with a happy discipline as she had a vendetta against big time mob bosses. She took on the name MANIA and is still using the alien to this day.

Something from the imagination of BDC
Something from the imagination of BDC

5 and 6) ???????

Now, disregard the above picture. No matter how much you dig in the Marvel Wiki, you're NEVER going to find female versions of Electro or the Vulture. So, if the ASM franchise decides to sex switch Vulture, it will be a new thing. Now, just to be honest, I'm not totally against it. Six dudes are gonna be hard to watch for 2-3 hours with out something that's easy on the eyes. Black Cat is a must, but one more female in the group wouldn't be a bad idea. And, as much as I am usually against these things, I have to say that I would probably be on board. (Yeah, yeah...I know, the old man is getting soft.)

Upon digging through Spidey's Villain list, I find it impossible to find 6 viable female villains for this list. His rogue's gallery is still drawing mostly from the 60s in a male dominated comic world. So, unless you were to sex switch a few, it wouldn't be possible.

Thank goodness, most of the Sinister Six is being drawn up on classic lines. As I said, I wouldn't be against one character, say Vulture or, MAYBE, Mysterio being 'sex switched'. It's going to be an interesting ride to the big movie. But, while we wait, this was a good exercise in stretching your Marvel comics know-how, True Believer!

SO, until next time, check out JACKEDUPTALES.COM where we are showcasing the Amazing Spiderman and PROJECT'S PLAYGROUND where I rant once a week!


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