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Hey Bat-Freaks!!!! And so the saga continues another Batman article! This article is about casting members of the Bat-Family, of which I was just recently inspired to put in my two cents. I will include the character and actor who I feel should portray in the live action movies. So without further ado:

Ben Affleck/Batman-Bruce Wayne

Alright folks Ben Affleck WILL be one of the best Batmans of our time. I say this with such confidence because, no one in their right mind would cast an actor doomed to fail, with so much money involved. This is not my only reason for him being a great choice, Bruce Wayne should come easy to Ben, meaning a rich playboy has been a role in his actual life. When it comes to Batman, I'm not fully aware of what to expect to be honest, but what I do know is he is going to be physically fit for the role, and be an older Batman. It bugs me that so many closed minded fans are calling foul, and throwing this movie into the garbage when, keep in mind, it is two years in the future, we haven't seen a suit, and there is not a trailer to base an opinion off of. All I ask of you guys is to please keep an open mind we are experiencing greatness in the DC universe, let more and more information come out and just give it a chance. *whew*

Steven McQueen/Nightwing-Dick Grayson

Steven McQueen, one of the stars of the vampire diaries, had some speculation going on that he would be making a portrayal of Nightwing. I'm not to sure on where everything stands with that as of now, but i think this guy is perfect! Steve has a lean build fit for NW and the pretty boy looks for Dick Grayson. If there is any chance of this guy becoming my favorite DC character, then I am 100% behind it!

Jenson Ackles/Red Hood-Jason Todd

The Supernatural star was also, The Under the Red hood star as well. Jenson Ackles portrayal of Jason Todd just using his voice was incredible, now imagine if he took that to the big screen. We already know that Jenson can pull of the attitude of RH, as we see on Supernatural, but I would go as far to say that he can be as limber and athletic enough to be him as well!

Logan Lerman/Red Robin-Tim Drake

When I think about Tim Drake I see no one else than Logan Lerman to take the role. Tim Drake is a genius, and a pretty able kid in the comics. Logan is a very capable actor with roles like Percy Jackson, and Perks of Being a Wallflower under his belt. Those two movies are very different roles and yet Logan was able to dominate both of them. Not only is he qualified for the role from his acting but he also looks the part.;

Danneel Ackles/BatGirl-Barbara Gordon

Coincidentally the spouse of actor Jenson Ackles, Danneel could make a good Barbara Gordon. To be frank i'm not completely familiar with her work but, she has the look including a rocking bod, and reddish hair.

Gary Cole/Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon

Another actor that attracts me as a potential character is Gary Cole portraying Jim Gordon. I like Cole for this role because he can be very calm and collected, a good quality for Gordon. Gary Cole also voiced over for Gordon in Batman : Under the Red Hood.

Chandler Riggs/Damian Wayne

This Kid is A BAMF, Damian Wayne is a BAMF........end of story

Just kidding but said statements are both very true. The one thing about this choice is the age of the character. Personally I do not see a problem with it being, in Kick-Ass there was a young girl cutting off bad guy's limbs. So basically we have seen this kid put holes in zombie heads and even his own mother.... is that still considered a spoiler???? Anyway this little dude's acting is packing a punch almost as strong as the character he would become.

Olivia Wilde/Catwoman-Selina Kyle

Olivia Wilde is absolutely stunning, as she is mysterious. Olivia would be an amazing Catwoman, not only is she beautiful, but she is limber and we have seen her in an action flick before, don't act like you didn't want that camera to pan down a bit in the camp fire scene of Cowboys vs. Aliens.

William Dafoe/Joker

After the photo above was released it really had me thinking. William Dafoe would actually make an excellent Joker. I know what you are thinking, Heath Ledger's joker can't be topped. The thing with Heath's Joker, although he was amazing, is that it fit the Nolan universe well. Now that we have a new batman the new Joker should be like the comics, the same amount of rough exterior and wicked antics, but have the hilarity along with it such as, Jokes, Harley Quinn, and my personal favorite laughing gas. When Dafoe played the green goblin it showed that he can pull off insanity quite well, but I would really like to hear a good Joker laugh.

So there is my opinion I want to give a special thanks to a fellow contributor Kyle Watkins here is his link(,manual) to his similar post which gave me inspiration for this one, check him out!!!!! And as always Thanks for checking me out!!!!!! Comment below on what you think and vote on the quality of my picks.


What do you think about the actors with these roles????


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