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This summer The King of the Monsters returns to the big screens. Ever sense that Roland Emmerich abomination of Godzilla, the King of the monster finally returns to US theaters after 16 years. I am hyped and for this Im listing the top 10 best Godzilla movies. This is personal opinion, and leave your own opinions too, Im curious at what you all think.

10. Godzilla 2000

After that Emmerich abomination this film was made, and it showed how the King of the Monsters should be. A giant force of nature, that nothing can take down. It was also the start of the Millennium series. The film is about how the Japanese Special Defense Force(JSDF), trying to take down Godzilla, but a mysterious UFO comes to earth, The movie has a new monster names Orga, who has a awesome design. I also love the new design of Godzilla. it looks new but you can tell its Godzilla. This movie showed Godzilla of the next Generation.

9. Son of Godzilla

People either love or hate this one. I love it. Its one of the first Godzilla movies I've seen, and its great. I enjoyed how much Godzilla cares for Minilla. The scenes with them are very touching, and cute. This movie asks does Godzilla has a heart? Even though this movie is more kid friendly, it still had some nice action, and good drama to make it great movie. The ending is very touching too. I loved how Godzilla comforts Minilla, as Monster Island is covered in snow, showing he does have a heart.

8. Godzilla vs Biollante

The first Versus idea of the Heisei series, and its awesome. Godzilla faces a creature that is a hybrid of him, a plant, and a psychic girl......yeah.....while this seems strange, this movie was a idea by a fan. But despite that this movie has great action scenes, we see the continuation of the Super X weapon, and they introduce one of my favorite Godzilla Characters Miki Saegusa.

7. Ghidorah the Three-headed Mosnter

Now this one is a classic. This one introduced Godzilla's greatest foe:King Ghidorah. Ghidorah is possibly Godzilla's greatest foe, only to be rivaled by Mecha-Godzilla. This movie also reintroduces Rodan, and brings back a Mothra larva from Godzilla vs Mothra. Ghidorah shows to be a extremely powerful monster in this movie. He can create hurricane winds b just flapping his wins, and easily take out Mothra, and possibly Rodan.

6. Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla & Godzilla:Tokyo SOS

I may be cheating here but I enjoy both of these movies and see them as one long one. This is another Millennium series film, that reintroduces Mecha-Godzilla, as Kiryu. What makes Kiryu awesome is his base is the bones from the original Godzilla from Godzilla(1954). This has some of the best action ever in the series. Its is amazing. I enjoyed how Kiryu became Godzilla again after hearing Godzilla's roar. Its much more dangerous if Kiryu remembers who he is as he has more power then the Military, and power to rival Godzilla.

5. Godzilla vs Mothra:Battle for Earth

This has Godzilla and Mothra battling once more, but someone else is joining the fight. Battra: Mothra's evil brother and arch nemesis. This is a great one, as we see Mothra take on two of her rivals. This is more of a Mothra movie then Godzilla, as the main focus is the connection of Mothra and Battra. I enjoyed their Battle but then they realized Godzilla is a bigger threat and decide to take him out. The scene where Mothra revives Battra and he saves her is very nice, as it shows, even if your against a sibling, there is still that love you have for them. This movie really helped Mothra branch out and have her own series(the Rebirth Series)

4. Godzilla:Final Wars

Oh yea! This one is fucking badass. This movie has old evil alien race return: The Xiliens. Whats makes this movie awesome is Earth has superhumans dealing with the monsters which is actually pretty awesome to see. As the Xiliens come to earth they seem peaceful, until they take over. Survivors of the invasion decide to reawaken Godzilla to take out all the monsters. This is one of Toho's biggest movies. It has a ton of monsters, some featured and some cameos. It also has a return of fan favorite Gigan, as they give him a past with Mothra. They also introduce a 'new' monster Monster X, who is really king Ghidorah, or Keizer Ghidorah if you want to be technical. Originally this was going to be a sequel of Godzilla vs Destroyah: having Junior fight his father's past foe, and take on Destroyah, but they scrapped that idea. I personally wouldve liked it but this was still a awesome movie.

3. Godzilla vs Mothra

One of my favorite Godzilla movies. Mothra's egg washes ashore, and greedy business men buy it. The twin faires asks for it back, or Mothra will take it back by force. At the same time Godzilla reawakens, and being to reak havok, nearing his destruction close to her egg, causing a battle with the two titans. This is a great ones. I loved the connection Mothra had with her egg, she sacrificed herself to protect it at all costs. I also enjoyed how the larva took godzilla down, which was later used in Godzilla:tokyo SOS. The tribal music is also very nice in this movie

2. Godzilla vs DESTROYAH!

This was originally going to be the last Godzilla movie. This was going to have the death of godzilla. It was huge news, rivaling that of the news of Superman dying. Godzilla's heart is like a nuclear reactor, and like a nuclear reactor, he is melting down. His melting down will create a explosion that will be worse then a hundred atom bombs, and will destroy earth. But at the same time we see another deadly threat of earth. Destroyah, a creation of Doctor Serizawa's oxygen destroyer. I love the first, and last film connections. Another great thing is Godzilla, and Junior connection. You see Godzilla sad for once, and even cry for his sons death. We also see the return of the Super-X weapon. Also Godzilla's death is sad, and leaves a grim moral. How far will we go for our pursuit of energy? How far will we go to have the best weapons? Is it really all worth it?

1. Goijira

No surprise here. This is the best Godzilla movie ever. This is a amazing movie. Just the fear you have of Godzilla, and the disturbing imagery, such as the injured soldiers, or the girls singing in sorrow, really bring the post war feel, from a country that experienced it. I own a Godzilla Collector's editon DVD which comes with a booklet. Ishiro Honda hoped his movie would help bring a end form Nuclear war and testing, and you can see why form this movie. Godzilla is a metaphor for the A-bomb, which is why nothing can stop it. Which is why the Oxygen Destoryer, possibly the most destructive weapon ever can destroy him. Because to defeat destructive weapons we must create worse ones. This has been proven in history. Sword>gun>rifle>semi-suto>bomb>Nukes. Also Dr.Serizawa is in my opinion one of the greatest characters ever. He creates the most destructive weapon ever, and then destroys all his life's work, and kills himself to prevent this weapon from being remade. Again this movie asks How much is enough? Is all this worth it? While Ishiro Honda's masterpiece didnt stop Nuclear testing and weapons, it showed the effects it can have on a country, and show how much damage it can do to our world.

I hoped you enjoyed this lsit and tell me your favories

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